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North East Warriors were established in September 2018 and currently compete in the British Wheelchair Basketball National League and the RGK League. This year was our first season training and playing together with players formed from different backgrounds and abilities. We have 2 players who have played at GB level in the Invictus Games, who are both ex veterans. The other players have some amazing background stories too, while some are quite new to the sport.

The amazing thing about wheelchair basketball is that it is an inclusive sport, hosting all abilities and genders and age groups. Putting the demographic data aside and everyone is the same ‘ability’ on court.

North East Warriors aims to be at the top of the division next season. The team are continuously improving and developing their skills, while also working hard to raise funds to cover the costs. We are also trying to grow the sport up in the North East, welcoming new players all year round. There are currently only 2 wheelchair basketballs clubs in the BWB this year based in the North East. We need to expand and reach out to help grow this amazing and inclusive sport, with the help of funds of course.

Although we have been a successful team for our first season, finishing 3rd in the division, we now need to focus on next season. With the team expanding, the team need to source more playing chairs. A chair that is made to measure for each player can cost between £2000 Р£4000 per chair.

Specialist  equipment is not cheap! Other funds go towards basketball equipment, spare tyres, home games, away games, kit, transport and hall hire.

Yes we have managed for our first season, but to help us reach the top of our game we need all the above!

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First season and we survived!

Our biggest success was starting up this team in the first place. We started from the bottom with nothing and with only 5 weeks prior to the start of the season. It's amazing what can be achieved when good team work is involved. Within these 5 weeks of starting up, people doubted our chance to compete in the BWB league as time was ticking. However, staying positive and working hard was seamed in all this and we have managed to prove that we are a dedicated, motivated team. We attended all the bag packs we could get from our local Sainsburys store raising enough funds for our home games at least. We managed to get a bursary which covered our away games and most importantly we raised a sponsor who provided us our kits. Now, if that isn't working hard then what is! We continue to work this hard for the upcoming seasons but with some help from potential sponsors, it would be nice for the team to focus purely on training and not have to raise funds every year.

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