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To whom it may concern,

I am the coach and trainer for Robert Allerston who is a F32 classified para-athlete.

Our ultimate goal for this year is to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

To improve our chances of being selected for the Great Britain squad, we need to be able to gain more recognition by attending and excelling in as many competitions as possible this season nationally and internationally. Rob has already threw a qualifying distance for the Club Throw event so half the journey has already been successful.

Robert’s tenacious hunger to be the best he can be is apparent in last year’s season where he achieved 16 Personal Bests in 3 events. He has also qualified for the Association National Championships 3 years in a row as well as being the Northern Regional Champion, also 3 years in a row and was awarded “Best Male Field Athlete” in the 2019 Cerebral Palsy Sport Championships.

Our biggest achievement to date was representing England in the CPISRA World Games (which is held every 4 years) in Sant Cugat, Spain 2018

In 2019

Club Throw event
4th in the country
8th in Europe
23rd Worldwide

Shotput event
Only shot putter in the country of my classification
9th in Europe
25th Worldwide

Last year, funded purely from our own resources we were only able to attend 8 events which included travel via car and hotel stay amounted to £800 and 3 of which events were held locally or in the next city. You can appreciate that it is a struggle to appear in as many events as possible with a limited set of funds as well as maintain sports equipment to standard. This year, there are 19 events all together with the season’s first competition on 04/04/2020 in Kingston-Upon-Thames and international event in Paris.

Please help our cause to get Robert the recognition for his hard work that he so deserves

What can we do for you?

In exchange for your generosity, you will receive special recognition on Robert’s social media and any publications or radio station that Robert features in.

We will also display your company name on Robert’s competition vests. Not only will you help Robert through the season, but you will also receive valuable advertising which will reach viewers not only from Liverpool but nationwide as we traverse the whole country for competitions and many are run in correlation with able bodied events which bring more diverse audiences.

We appreciate your consideration and the time you have taken to read our proposal. If you have any questions about the sponsorship, please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself or Robert directly.

Yours Sincerely,

Corina Tsan

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