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Isaac Huburn

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Hi, I’m Isaac, I’m 7 years old and have been recently diagnosed with autism. Since I was very young, I’ve been obsessed with cars and engines.

My Dad took me karting in September 2019 and I became hooked. It was the one place I found that calmed me down. Dad took me to Daytona in Milton Keynes and I completed my level one and two Bambino courses and I’m currently attending coaching sessions from MP Coaching at Stretton Circuit Leicester.

As I’m 7, I’m still in the Bambino category but I turn 8 in July, I’ll be too old for Bambinos and will be moving up a class to Cadets, which will bring a variety of new exciting challenges. Next season I’ll be competing in the Stretton Sprint and Shenington IKR Kart series, with the ambition to move up to Club racing in 2022.

As a kid with autism, it isn’t just the 20 other drivers I’ll be competing with and with your help and support we can win together, not just on the track but also off it.

Thank you for you kind consideration.

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