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Hi there, my name is Scott Richardson. Thank you for taking the time to read my page.

In October 2014, at the age of 33, I achieved my lifetime goal of representing my country for the first time. Although my background has mostly been in running, this opportunity was in triathlon, which I had only just taken up. Being me, I decided to go for the extreme end of the distance! My Team GB age group place at the 2014 Majorca ETU Challenge Majorca Middle Distance Triathlon European Championships was a very proud moment for me. I surpassed my expectations by finishing 4th overall for my age group, despite the blistering 36 degree heat. I was a very frustrating 1 minute from a podium finish. My placement meant that I was given an automatic Team GB age group qualification for the 2015 Rimini ETU Challenge Middle Distance Triathlon European Championships. A second opportunity to wear that vest: well I am certainly not going to let the opportunity pass me by. I suspect by now you can guess my goal. This time I want that podium finish. I want to finish 1st overall for my age group and achieve gold.

About me

Sport has always been and continues to be a big part of my life. I even work in the industry as a self-employed personal trainer. From as early as I can remember my parents were taking me to my local athletics club, Tonbridge AC. I have always been a keen runner and it’s always been my passion. Long distance was my specialty, from 10ks to marathons. As a top level club runner I was the 7th British athlete home in the Amsterdam Marathon in a time of 2hrs 42mins. I also achieved similar in the Berlin Marathon, 2hs 43mins. However, I never quite achieved that Team GB dream in this area.

My decision to switch disciplines was two-fold: I was becoming more injury prone due to all the running (I dread to think how many miles my legs have done), and I was also looking for a new challenge and triathlon, as a fast-growing popular sport appealed to me immensely. It was at the 2013 Marlow Half Ironman race, my second attempt at the distance, when I realised I had a talent over the extreme triathlon distance. I’m sure you can imagine my reaction when British Triathlon told me I had attained the Team GB age group qualification time.
One thing I have learnt through my years in sport is that you should never give up on your sporting dreams!

The road to Rimini

This past year has helped encourage me and has made me more enthusiastic than ever before. Reflecting on previous results and performances is driving me towards Rimini. I believe this is the perfect time to ask for support by sponsorship as I am coming off my most successful season ever. This year I am taking my training to a higher level by getting coaching in swimming technique from the Vo2maximum Company. So more early morning swims 3-4 times per week, combined with strength and conditioning sessions! As you can see triathlon is a demanding sport both in terms of time and financial commitments. Working hard in my daily job and juggling my full-time training is becoming more difficult. As well as funding the race itself, sponsorship would enable me to reduce my working days, giving me more time to focus on my training and ultimately increasing my chance of achieving my goal.

Through this project I am inviting you to be part of my dream, to help me with financing my road to Rimini in May, allowing me to dedicate the majority of my time to training and bringing home the Gold. Thank you for your support.


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