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(Oreo)luwa Deborah Abikoye

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I’m Oreoluwa Abikoye, but you can call me “Oreo” I am 16 years old and i’ve been playing rugby for about 2 years now.  I never expected to be get playing time for my school, talk less of playing on a regional and provincial team…… I move around a lot and i just so happened to move to a new city right before I began high school and in this school, they offered a sport called Rugby and I was persuaded to play;  I turned it down multiple times but I eventually gave in to the  pressure. 2 years later, I can proudly say I am happy I didn’t turn my back on the sport because this small town girl who knew nothing about Rugby or playing on a team as been offered many opportunities.  I would have never thought I would be good enough for any other team outside high school, but now i have been contacted by a few prestigious universities and although it makes me happy; i’m unable to fund for this by myself and my family as tried their best to help me.

I currently play for Vincent Massey High School Vikings 7s and 15s team, and just finished playing with Team Manitoba U18 women’s team and Parkland Pirates U16 Regional team that came out undefeated. In the past I have also played for the Westman rush U16 and U18 team.”

Please help me if you can, anything helps. Cost of travels: Florida tropical 7s, Las Vegas 7s tournament, BC rugby festival = $2685($895*3), kit for 2 different teams for the age levels = $800, meal plans and accommodations= $700.

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