Road to Winter Olympics 2022

Olly Butterworth

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I am a Great Britain bobsleigh athlete and serving Paratrooper (British Army).

My goal is to gain following and influence as an athlete on Instagram whilst working closely and building a relationship with brands/businesses.

Bobsleigh is an incredible sport, speed, power and adrenaline are the bread and butter. As a bobsleigh athlete I train two times a day, 6 days a week. Hard hours and graft make GB bobsleigh athletes some of the best in the world.

The Olympics 2022 may be 3 years away however the journey has already started. With two more seasons holding two World Championships before we reach 2022, the road is already full of challenge and excitement.

Being a full time athlete isn’t as glamorous as it sounds, especially when it’s an Olympic sport. Funding is scarce and personal funding is even more rare. The money raised and relationships made will be put to good use in buying kit and equipment whilst also representing brands/businesses as an ambassador.

Join my JOURNEY.

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