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The defining moment in my life, or so I thought, was when I received an award for bravery from the SA national Police Service. I tried to recover my grandparents car when it was stolen and it nearly cost be my life. It was this event that helped forge my dedication, determination and focus but 2019 tested every part of me to the limited. I am happiest on the rugby field and I know that hard work, dedication and devotion is the only way to help one achieve the best results possible. Everything was going to plan and I was in the brink of making my dreams, of playing provincial rugby and maybe playing professionally, come true..then. In May 2019 I tore my PCL ligament and all of the sudden my world came to a halt. Physicians were telling me that I would not play again this season, that means my last chance to show what I have and what I can do, was lost. I started rehabilitation with determination and allot of support from Mom and Dad, and my goal was to play again within 10 weeks. This would be just in time for the provincial trials but the prognoses was 16 – 24 weeks recovery.  I spent 4 hours a day in the gym, 3 physio sessions a week, PRP session weekly, all so I could make the trials. This was a financial disaster for my parents who had to use every cent they had to pay for my medical expenses. They did it gladly because they wanted my dream to come true. 9 weeks later, I got the clear to play. I was declared a medical miracle. I had to fully recovered, but I could at least play trials and I gave it my all. I went all the way to round 2 and then came the news that I did not make round 3, so would not be considered for the team. Once again. it felt like my world ended, was my dream finally dead? I had worked so hard, so very very hard. I had gone to a community school and have always been looked down upon despite being an exceptional athlete, maybe it was because we were new to the area, but I was never allowed to be part of the community and losing my provincial sport spot, so close to getting validation and recognition of my skills, added to the pain I was feeling. I was so close to escaping and being seen…

I was about to completely lose all hope when I received a call from the senior Sharks Academy Scout. The scout told me that he had seen me play the first time when I was in grade 9 and had been keeping an eye on me ever since. I always believed, due to the way I was treated at school, that no one ever saw what I was capable off, and yet this man noticed my skill. Not one of the school favourites, but me and he told me that I am a phenomenal player, that he knows I can be a huge success at the Sharks. All of the sudden, I had become the first player in the schools history and one of only 15 players in the country, to be offered a contract with the academy.

Even with the offer, academies are still very expensive. My Dad lies awake at night trying to find a way of helping me realise my dream, but he spent every sent just getting me back on the field. I can see what a toll it is taking on him and my Mom. even though he is on the brink of losing it all, he was able to raise 2000 euro. I need 4500 Euro to cover the remaining study cost and accommodation fees for 2020. I cannot achieve this without more kind people, like Francois from the Sharks, who noticed me when no one else did. Please help me. I worked so hard, endured so much this year.

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My life's defining moment

The day I save my grandparents car. They were poor and loved me with all their hearts. When their little car was stolen, I risked my life to recover their car, and succeeded. They were so happy. Their happiness meant more to me that any sporting achievement. My grandpa is gone now, so he could never see the offer I got from the Sharks, he would have been so proud.

2019 Sharks Rugby Academy

Offer Letter: Dear Mr and Mrs Prinsloo It gives me great pleasure to inform you that Marlo has been accepted to attend the Sharks Academy in 2020. Please note that the fees are as follows: Basic Rugby Programme & Academic Course: R105 975-00 (6233 Euro) The course fees will include all your son’s Rugby and Academic Courses (including Text Books), Life Skills, IRB Level and Boksmart Courses, Physical Conditioning Programme, Annual Rugby Tour (should he be selected), Academy Clothing, Lunches at the Academy, Gym Facilities, Basic Medical, Rehabilitation Facilities and Services. PLEASE NOTE THAT ACCOMMODATION, TRANSPORT AND LIVING EXPENSES ARE NOT INCLUDED.

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Face of the World

I won the face of the world teen finals in Birmingham in 2017

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