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Hello! We are Scoot GB Van and we would like your help to raise money to buy a van. This van would be our way of getting to more children throughout the UK, showing them that a healthy, active lifestyle can be great fun! Please take the time to read our story and support us if you can.

Scoot GB Van

Scoot GB’s aim is to develop, grow and sustain participation within the activity of scootering, encouraging a healthy lifestyle through accessible activity to a diverse and equal demographic of young people.

What we do

Scoot GB offers a National Circuit of competition. Skate parks up and down the country hold regular competitions and tutoring sessions, and our mission is to provide a safe clean activity that activates and inspires children of all ages and backgrounds.

We offer a structured, yet fun and engaging, learning environment where qualified instructors can deliver expert coaching under a child protection standards policy and a thriving and fair competition structure for all ages and abilities.

We also support & advise councils, youth organisations, skate parks, and all other industry sectors upon how to increase participation whilst simultaneously promoting our safety policies.

On top of this we run projects at schools in deprived areas promoting safety on your scooter, the ‘Scoot To School‘ project – which also promotes the benefits of exercise.

What your help means to us

Everything! Scoot GB is all about improving children’s health and having fun while doing it. Anyone that can help us do that is a hero in our books!


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