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Hiya Guys

Let me take you back to 29 Feb 17 the day I picked up a shotgun and slayed my first clay! It was a windy Wednesday at West Midlands Shooting Ground and Storm DORRIS was in force. I was taking part in a clay pigeon shooting session, arranged by the amazing staff of the BATTLEBACK Centre, Lilleshall. The Battle Back Centre is part of the MoD’s Defence Recovery Capability programme and provides sports and adventurous activities for wounded, injured and sick service people from across the Armed Forces. Prior to being placed on the recovery program I had lost my way and found a once competitive, motivated and bright servicewomen reduced to a flicker of her former self due to injury and long term illness.

From the moment I obliterated my first clay to dust my heart was ignited once more with a spark of passion and desire to compete. The sparks turned from a flickering flame into a raging inferno with every clay I smoked. It’s pretty safe to say that from the moment I returned to the clubhouse, I was on a mission to find out more about this amazing sport that had ignited the old me, who I thought was dead and buried.

Fast forward to 07 May 17 my 29th Birthday at the Northern Shooting Show, I was like a kid in a candy shop looking at the pretty guns and watching the 50 bird competition. It was on this day I made myself a promise that I was going to set my sights high and not stop even when I achieve my goal. My goal is being a TeamGB Athlete, competing for my country as well as supporting and promoting the sport for women of all ages.

I am now very thankful to have found friends in the lovely guys at The Priory CTC who made a pitching up lone wolf to a shooting ground feel so welcomed. The owners Natasha Jones and GB’s Aaron Heading have a perfect ground for anyone wanting to take up the trap and skeet disciplines. I’m there every chance I can get; to the point, I think I can claim squatters rights, but there is a method to my madness. I know with my determination, the help from Mr AJ Heading and the support from Natasha and the guys at The Priory I will achieve my goals; the only thing holding me back is money. The root of all evil but the lifeline to any shooters dream. Paying for cartridges and equipment doesn’t come cheap and while every spare penny I have is going in the shooting pot, it is in desperate need to be replenished so I can continue my pursuit for a talent pathway and beyond. I would also like to give back to the Royal British Legion as without the help from them and the staff at the BattleBack Centre; I wouldn’t have found an unknown desire for slaying clays and this is where I kindly ask for your support in form of pledges. No matter how small the pledge; each penny will contribute in helping me achieve my goal and ultimately my very own Beretta DT11 (a girl can dream)  Shooting is such a wonderful sport, and I am so excited to start this next chapter of my shooting career.

Thank you!


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