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Hello, and welcome to my Pledge Sports page!

I am currently on the British Skeleton talent squad, and hoping to compete in the Winter Olympics (2022 in Beijing). This would be a dream come true and your support can help me achieve this goal.

For those that don’t know what skeleton is, we slide head first down ice on a sled and can reach speeds of up to 130 kph. Pretty crazy to some people but it is great fun!

I am hoping to raise £2500 and this will help contribute towards living costs over the summer, where I will be based in Bath training as a full-time athlete. I currently do not receive any financial assistance for living costs.

About Me

I am 23 years old, and until recently I have lived in Sheffield for the past 4 years studying. I am now back in Nottingham before I move to Bath, to train as a full-time skeleton athlete.

I applied to a talent ID programme called Power2Podium back in 2014 after the success of Lizzy Yarnold, at the Sochi Winter Olympics. At the time, I was still competing in track and field as a 200 m sprinter, whilst also studying for my undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science. The talent ID scheme lasted from April till November and consisted of 4 phases which I was successful throughout. Unfortunately, during the final selection in Norway I was sent home with my hand in a cast. However I was given the opportunity to go back to ice a year later, and early 2016 I was selected into the talent programme.

Having recently completed a Master’s degree at Sheffield Hallam University my education and employment is currently on hold, as being selected onto the talent programme has given me the opportunity of achieving my dream goal of competing in the Olympic Games. Having struggled in the last few years as a sprinter, starting skeleton has reignited the previous drive and passion I had to be on the top stage of my sport.

I am just starting the second half of my first season on ice which has been focused around learning how to slide, what it takes to be a successful skeleton athlete and preparing us to eventually start racing for Great Britain.

The Dream

Great Britain is renowned for producing medallists in Skeleton at the Olympic Games – we have won a medal at every games since it became a permanent sport (1 bronze, 1 silver and 2 golds). I am hoping to continue this success in Beijing 2022. The programme I am in has produced these champions so I know that I have the best coaches and support staff around me. With my passion, drive and hardworking mentality, I believe that I will achieve my goal.

The money that is contributed will go towards UK travel, rent, bills, food and equipment needed for training.

Thank you for taking the time to read my page, and I hope you can support me on my road to Beijing 2022.

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