Sled Dog World Championships November 2017

Team Cani-Fit

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Some of our athletes and their dogs from Team Cani-Fit have been competing throughout the season in the sports they love doing with their dogs. They have all been getting great race results in cani-cross and bike-jor and the most recent being the final races for the British Championships.

Jada Amoah and Lindsay Johnson are both Female British Champions in their own age categories in Cani-cross while Daniel Fitzgerald is Male British Champion in Bike-jor and James Leonard was hot on his heels winning the Silver medal. Winning these titles meant they qualified to compete in the World Championships in Poland in November 2017.

The journey is going to be a long one as they need to drive there while transporting the dogs. The costs are starting to mount up and we are looking to put on some different events to help raise funds to get them to Poland.

Everything costs! Fuel will be a big cost as they are covering a lot of mileage, ferry costs will be high travelling to Amsterdam and then accommodation in Poland. They have a lot to pay for with entry fees, vaccinations and passports for the dogs, team kit and the list goes on.
We would like to be able to take the financial pressure off them a bit and help them get over to compete in this important event.

So if you feel you would like to help these guys along the way please get involved, come along to events we will be setting up or even a donation. Everything will be greatly appreciated.

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