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We are an enthusiastic, energy-filled Under 6s soccer team based out of Pasadena, California, US, and in need of some soccer team sponsorship.

We play in a volunteer league, where all coaches, referees, team managers, team parents, all volunteer to ensure a successful and fun, child development oriented soccer league.  We are looking for sponsorship in the amount of $350 US dollars, to help sponsor our team, the “Laser Sharks”.  The sponsorship contributes 100% directly back to the league and team, supporting all the teams in the AYSO – American Youth Soccer Organization, where the goals are:

Player Development · Good Sportsmanship · Balanced Teams · Everyone Plays.

Any amount of contributions would be greatly appreciated and our team would be very thankful.

Thank you.

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Achievements and Recognition after every game

After every game, all the team members, kids are happy that they were able to play, have a good kick of the ball and collaborate and play with their team mates. It brings a sense of job, camaraderie and good sportsmanship. We also have a team mascot, a "Laser Shark", that is awarded to a player that has exemplified good and positive playing during the game.

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