Tanglefoot IFSS Sled Dog World Championships 2019

Ems Hammersley

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I am a post lady from the Cotswolds and my passion and sport is racing Siberian Huskies which I have been competing in for ¬†twelve years. My husband and I have nine Huskies, seven of which are home bred and two that we rehomed. We generally train 3 -4 times a week when we can which involves about 2.5 hours driving to train in the forest. Each training session in total takes up to 5 hours after work or first thing in the morning before most people are up. And due to a severe lack of snow we race on wheels! Dryland rigs! Some of our personal friends in America say we are nuts as it’s a harder landing than snow if you fall off and they can’t believe the speed some of the teams achieve with two or three wheels beneath them! They also wonder why we enjoy racing in mud!!

The dogs really are the stars of the show and are the true athletes, I work hard for them but they are just amazing. This year we went to two of the three qualifying races and Kapik and Bobby, 10 & 9, raced in 2 dog scooter nordic breed and won a bronze and gold, giving them silver overall in the British BSSF Championships which qualifies us for the World Championships. We also placed 10th in Europe and Russia in the IFSS championships in 2 dog scooter nordic. Teabag, Snippet, Hidey & Squeek ( all 4 year old sisters) raced in 4 dog nordic breed and came 4th overall in the BSSF Championships for the second year in a row. They placed 7th in Europe and Russia in the IFSS championships in 4 dog dryland rig nordic. We have also managed to secure a place to race them in Sweden too.

My dogs live to run and nothing makes us happier. Sadly however the team going from GB get no help with the funding, unlike some of the European countries that get government grants and some funding, we have to do all our fundraising ourselves, even down to finding dog food sponsors, which are few and far between.

So I am asking for help to get me and my beautiful team to Sweden. Costs are already mounting, entries fees, Eurostar costs, bridge fees, ferry costs as well as getting the dogs ready and training hard and finally team kit, fuel costs and getting the dogs ready for travel with the usual vaccinations etc.

Any donation is greatly appreciated in helping me and my team get there and no amount is too small.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and help my dogs get to Sweden.

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IFSS World Cup 2016

3rd in Europe & Russia in 6-dog Nordic Breed Dryland Rig, 11th Overall in rig classes, 15th in the World in IFSS World Cup

IFSS European Championship 2016

6th in 6-Dog Nordic Breed Dryland Rig

IFSS World Championship Poland 2017

9th in 6-Dog Nordic Breed Dryland Rig

BSSF British Championships Cranwich 2018/2019 Qualifier

Bronze in 2-Dog Nordic Scooter class

BSSF British Championships Pembrey 2018/2019 Qualifier

Gold in 2-Dog Nordic Scooter class

BSSF British Championships 2018/2019

Overall final position: Silver in 2-Dog Nordic Scooter Class, 4th in 4-Dog Nordic Dryland Rig Class

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