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Ems Hammersley

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Ems is a 37 year old post lady from a town in the Cotswolds, maybe not where you would expect to find racing Siberian Husky teams.

I have been racing with my husband for 10 years, when she met him, starting with teams of two and now have a small pack and I race in the 6 dog nordic team. We have 7 homebred dogs and a brother and sister duo that we rehomed. This year we worked really hard to get to the qualifiers and then to the Euros and it is now my dream to get to Poland to race my dogs against some of the best teams in the world. The Husky is my passion and I really want them to continue to compete, doing what they love. My team will hopefully be Kapik, Bobby and Kapik’s 4 daughters Hidey, Squeek, Snippet and Teabag.

Thanks to my wonderful dogs and the races we competed in this year we are currently ranked 3rd in Europe & Russia in 6 dog Nordic class, 11th overall in rig team, 15th in IFSS World Cup Ranking and had a 6th place at European Championships 2016.

My dogs live to run and this would be a once in a lifetime dream come true. However, the costs are mounting and this is where I am asking for help. We have no funding for our sport in the UK and fund everything ourselves. We are buying team kit, have entry fees to cover, vaccinating and getting the dogs passports sorted for travel, ferry crossings, fuel for the drive there and back and accommodation whilst we are there, a very expensive trip. Any donation would be greatly appreciated in helping me get there and no amount is too small.



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