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We at Team Academy Taekwondo Huyton are looking for sponsorship to help improve our athlete’s chances of becoming future role models and Olympians, by getting the right equipment for them to be at the top of their game and to improve their coaches knowledge by getting the right qualifications which will take the club to the next level.

We started just under 3 years ago and we have worked extremely hard to get were we are, we have 30 students ageing from 4 years old Upton adults, lots of our students have different backgrounds,‚Äč beliefs traditions but we all come together in our safe and friendly, family club, even though we have all that we still need to progress to the next level in our Taekwondo story and to make our students/athletes the best they can be.

Currently we are working towards our club mark status which will put us in the right direction of being a well run, friendly, safe stable club for the future of our students.

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British Champs

Since we started 3 years ago our athletes archived many of there goals by competing at events across the country medaling in most of the compitions including British Taekwondo nationals were 6 of athletes have become British Champions over a 3 year period

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