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Thank you for your interest in supporting Team UK in competing at this years World Sport Stacking Championships 2019 in Spain. Every penny is appreciated and 100% of the donations will support the team on the road to Spain.

We are fundraising to assist Team UK in attending this years World Sport Stacking Championships in Spain. Each stacker has to fully fund the flights and accommodation at the World Championships.  Speed Stacks (UK) Ltd are sponsoring the kit and the tournament registration fee but currently no other subsidies are provided. The majority of Team UK are under 16 years of age which means parents have to travel with them which increases cost for families. We estimate that the average cost per family is World Championships will cost £700. We are hoping to raise £6,000 which would contribute £300 to each family/stacker to assist in their travels.

About Us and the Sport

Sport stacking, also known as cup stacking or speed stacking, is an individual and team sport that involves stacking 9 or 12 specially designed cups in pre-determined sequences as fast as you can. Although the sport is in its early stages in the UK, Sport Stacking is currently regarded as one of the fasted growing sports worldwide and is now included as part of the AUU Junior Olympic Games. Sport Stacking is in over 54 countries . The World Sport Stacking Association (UK) now host multiple sanctioned tournaments across the UK every year.

Team UK have been participating at the World Sport Stacking Championships (annual marquee tournament) for many years and we are proud to say that the team representing the UK in 2019 is the biggest we have ever had with 20 team members.

Our team will be competing in individual, doubles and team relay events and are aiming to win multiple medals in all of these.

Team UK consists of Aimee, Lee, James, Finn, Jamie, Laura, Andrew, Aditya, Joseph, Billy, Oliver, Mia, Adam, Finley, Aisha, Jericko, Conor, Wyndham, Pearse and Magnus.

More information on Sport Stacking can be found here

World Sport Stacking Championships

This years World Sport Stacking Championships are being held in Mollina, Spain at the end of April and more information on the tournament can be found here

To see the highlight video from the 2018 World Sport Stacking Championships which tool place in Orlando, Florida, USA then click here to watch the video
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