The Snowdon Crawl 2017

Michael Carruthers

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Well I am crawling on my hands and knees again up mount Snowdon in Wales 2016/2017 for my local hospice.

My mom pasted away there last year and I no first hand what the hospice people do for last of days people.  They are amazing and it’s my way to say thank you to them.

Only 2 people have ever done this!  I’m one of them and no one has done this 2 times.  And I no why lol,  it’s far from easy definitely not for the weak mind!  I’m doing this to try and get as much money I can for the St Marys Hospice in Selly Oak, Birmingham.

This does push the body and mind to the limit but I have and will again push past it.  So if any one can help many thanks 🙂

I am going to do Ben Nevis next year on my hands and knees, it’s in the making now so I’m looking at routes and a date

Thank you


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Crawled the llanberis path on Snowdon in 2016

I crawled on my hands and kness mount Snowdon in Wales last year in 2016 for my local hospice my way I've says thank you to them . Only ever 2 people have done this I'm one of them but I'm doing the say again this year because I'm silly ;) iv done a few things but this was the biggest one for the mind and soul .

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