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Club History

As a club we have ran for 22 years and still only charge £1 per week for subs as we like to include everyone in a sport that brings people together. To be able to do this we rely a lot on fundraising. In the previous two years we have taken teams to Belgium and Holland for tournaments and have won in both of these events. This year we aim to conquer another part of Europe by entering the Costa Blanca cup in Benidorm. As a group we try to encourage children from sometimes not the best of backgrounds to make the most of their talents and try to achieve their goals (no pun intended) in a fun family environment to do this. Currently in our U15’s we have children who have been with us from 5 years old with more joining all the time. We have a family ethos and do try include everyone where possible in fun and new experiences with some of our members having never been abroad.

We encourage the players to reach beyond the boundaries of living in underprivilaged areas and have many team bonding experiences travelling to stadiums around the country and matches at our local football club, Middlesbrough FC. Our coaches are all on a voluntary basis and we even have some of our u15’s coaching the younger teams in there spare time now as we truly believe that what we do off the pitch is just as important. As a community we fully support each other and have previously done collections and projects for schools in the area We have had many successes over the years and are hoping to continue this in Benidorm with your help.

Following previous success the team decided as a whole that we wanted to keep challenging ourselves which is why we decided to enter this tournament this year as there are international teams involved. Aiming high is something we want to encourage in our team but we also want them to have fun and enjoy what they are doing.  Our Facebook page shows the fun we have as team and why we are more like family.

The start of the Journey

We have been fundraising throughout the year but on bonfire night we had our club cabin burnt out and we have had to use the funds to replace items and training equipment so we are now starting from scratch. We are looking to use the money raised to part/fully fund the trip depending on how generous you people are, as not all our players would be able to go at full price. This would consist of travel costs, entering the tournament and possibly a tracksuit for the whole event. We hope to bring the cost of the trip down to a minimum so that it is open to all our players making it more affordable for everyone so it can be a true team event.

Please help us make these boys dreams come true! They really deserve it and being able to experience this will further motivate them to do more good upon their return to their communities

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Division 5 Winners

We won promotion to Division 4 in 2010

Division 4 Winners

We won promotion to Division 3 in 2011

Division 3 Winners

We won promotion to Division 2 in 2012 and are currently top of Division 2 without loosing a game.

Brugge Cup Winners 2012

We took part in a tournament in Brugge in 2012 were we won the tournament

Arnham Cup Winners

We took part in a tournament in Arnham in 2013 were we won our second European Cup.

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