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My name is Ailbhe Carroll and I am creating this crowd funding project in an effort to get myself some new coaching qualifications so I can start to make some new relationships with athletes and coach them to achieve their individual goals.

I am an elite triathlete myself from Roscrea,Co.Tipperary,Ireland who currently lives in Loughborough,UK, who works part time over two jobs Both casual contracts…not the most secure. I work approx 30-35 hours a week depending on the week in an effort to give myself a chance of balancing both training and work. It is a difficult task which brings with it it’s challenges at times and this is why I think gaining coaching qualifications and getting to work on mentoring athletes will benefit me and my training/racing massively. It will allow me time to recover between sessions and it will allow me more opportunities to travel be it for races or training camps.

Coaching is a passion of mine and I would love to have the funds to get some certs under my belt so I can go ahead and make my dream a reality alongside helping my own athletes achieve their goals with my help and knowledge.

Recovering is a massive part of training and with such a heavy work load on top on my training load it is difficult to do so. Coaching athletes on one to one basis would allow me a lot more time to recover and it would be huge for my own training. I want to be a world class coach one day and starting young will definitely help me gain steps towards this.

I hope this project will give me the platform to get some coaching qualifications that will allow me become both a better coach and a better athlete. My dreams and aspirations lie within these two areas and I would love to make them both a reality and not just a dream.

Thank you in advance for your kind gestures.

Ailbhe 🙂

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