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My name is Razvan Doica, I am a 32 year old triathlete from Romania. I have been living, training and racing over 5 years now. I race domestically as well as internationally. To fund this, I am working daily, many hours as a gym trainer. I have my own gym boutique oriented on pure Sport ( body training, running, cycling etc) and not that much body building. I try to fit in around my long training hours, similar to those of a full time athlete, but is very challenging as as besides the sport part, I need to take care also of the administrative, financial part of my studio. I do this because I am determined to be successful and competitive in the world of triathlon. I want to compete at the Triathlon World Championship 2018 in South Africa and my biggest dream is to compete at World Championships in Kona, Hawaii! I love this sport and I am giving my all to train and compete at my best.

Finding Triathlon

My road to World Championship started 5 years ago when I saw an Ironman T-shirt and curiosity strikes in. I searched on Google and Youtube and it was a match! I felt I need to try this! Coming from a different sport ( 15 years of Judo), i had the discipline but not the information, technique or equipment for triathlon. So I started to read, watch videos, documentaries etc about triathlon and Ironman. After 1 month, I spent all my savings on a TT bike. I didn’t even know how to ride one, but I was sure I can make it.

I started from scratch, but I was dreaming big. In just 6 months I had my first competition – National Championship at long distance triathlon – Same distance as an Ironman. The result was a total surprise. First place at my Age Group. I was impressed. I didn’t event realise what I did. I was shocked.

Furthermore I continued to be National Champion at all my participation, 3 years in a row.

World Championship

After National Championship, I realized that this is what I wanna do. The only regret I had was that I found this sport so late.

After one year, I had my first Half Ironman (official competition) in Budapest. The result was good, place 25 at my age group, but I wanted more. I started to train more and more. Unfortunately, time is money. So all the time I was spending in training, was time away from my job. And vice-versa. All the time spent in the gym, was time away from my passion and my objective.

Training and competing constantly, helped me realize I wanna take this to the next level. I wanna be one of the best. So my next objective was World Championship for Half Ironman. I had my chance in St Polten, Austria 2017…but I was just a few min away from getting a slot. I was disappointed and mad. I didn’t had money or time for another competition. So, I went back home and trained. More and more. Less time with my family. Less time with my wife. Waking up at 5 am everyday in order to have time for my training and also for my job. 5 hours on the bike almost everyday. Between 35 and 55 hours of training every week. After another year I did it. I was fast enough to get a slot at the Half Ironman World Championship 2018.

Why I am asking for your help

To race at this level, and to fully commit to the sport, requires training full-time. For me this is impossible. But with your help, I can focus more on training.

As you can see, I have a few rewards to offer you in return, and I can assure you even a share of this campaign will be appreciated, but the constant worry is that if I don’t raise enough funding I won’t be able to achieve what I believe, and what others believe, I am capable of.

I’ve invested so much time, energy, and my own money into this, I don’t want to fall short and be forced to stop because I can’t afford to race anymore.

Breaking Down Costs

The fund raised through this project would go towards the following expenses:

  • Flight: €1100 with all checked bags and bike
  • Accommodation for 13 days in  a basic apartment: €900
  • Registration Fee: €500
  • Bike travel bag: €700

I would also be able to cut out a small amount of long work hours I currently do to be able to train and race to my full potential.

I still need to raise funds for training camps, bike, training costume, race costume, race fees, travel, and accommodation  as I pay all of this from my own pocket

Through this project I am inviting you to be part of my dream. Giving me a financial support for my road to South Africa this year on 2nd of September will make you the main ally in getting my dreams true.




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