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Woody and Huck New

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We are 15 year old twin brothers called Woody and Huck New. We live in our self built, straw bale home in Cornwall. We both love surfing so being near the sea is the perfect place for us. We both surf because it is extremely fun and the ocean is the largest playground on Earth! It also offers wonderful opportunities to meet people, learn something new or find a career path. Ultimately us brothers surf to connect with nature and the elements and to become the best possible competitors in the water.

Living in Cornwall we surf on a variety of coastlines. Our local and favourite beach is Sennen. We also enjoy Praa Sands, Porthmeor and the barrels at Porthleven. Because we are so keen to surf whenever we can, in good or bad waves, we ‘Dawny’ lots, which is a surfers term for a very early surf. We are often up at 5:30am loading up our dad’s van with boards and wetsuits. It gets very cold in winter……



This 2018 season we have  both been selected to be members of the junior English National U16 surf team. Being part of the English team is a massive step forward for both of us, providing us with better coaches, strength and conditioning and amazing training camps. This will all play a big part in helping us achieve our aspirations.

We are very keen competitors and our goal for this project is to raise enough money for us both to go and compete in the European competitions called Pro Juniors, run by the World Surf League.

We have both racked up some good results in National competitions in the last 2 years. Woody was National British U14s champion in 2016, came 4th in the 2017 English Nationals, achieved a 2nd place in the u16 English Schools event and ended 2017 ranked 4th in England. Huck started his first full year of competition in 2017 with a bang, winning the Penwith and Cornwall Schools events, followed by a 5th in the English Nationals, finishing the year ranked 7th in England.

We both got the chance to travel, training with some of the UK’s top coaches in Portugal and France. Woody qualified for the Ripcurl European Grom Search events in Hossegor, France where he finished in the top 10 in Europe. Huck travelled all the way to Thurso to compete in the UK Pro Tour junior event where he got to the semi finals in the U18s.



Our plans in 2018 are to compete in the World Surf League (WSL) European Pro Junior events for the experience and a chance to compete with the continent’s best young surfers. Both of us are aspiring to be Professional international competitive surfers with a goal of traveling and competing with the world’s best. Taking part in the European Pro Juniors is essential to our ability to develop and improve at this level.

This is where we need your help! Travelling to these competitions is already an expensive process, but being twins, all of our costs are doubled. We need help for equipment (surfboards and wetsuits), travel (flights and car travel), and membership to the WSL. With your help, we hope to raise the costs to get to 3 of the WSL Junior events this year in Portugal and France.

We hope you have enjoyed our pledge.

Thank you

Huck and Woody



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English National Team selection

This year both of us have been selected for the u16's English National surf team.

Ripcurl Gromsearch European finals

In 2017 Woody went and competed in France for his first Euro event and finished top 10 in Europe.

English 2017 overall ratings

In 2017 Woody finished with a seasons ranking of 4th and Huck finished with an overall 5th in all of England in the u16's.

Huck Cornwall Schools Champion 2017

In 2017 Huck won the Cornwall Schools event.

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