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Duncan Mugabe

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After a short but successful streak in 2016, I am hungry for even greater success in 2017! This year my ambitions are to win all of the regional tournaments and to compete at ATP Challenger level (a step up from the ITF Futures).


In 2016, I competed in seven ITF Futures and three regional tournaments, where I made it to four finals (three singles finals and one doubles finals), five semi-finals (three singles and two doubles) and nine quarter-finals (four singles and five doubles).

My 2016 end of year global singles ATP ranking improved again for the second consecutive year. Furthermore, six of the ITF Futures were a higher level of competition than I have ever played before and I cherished the opportunity to improve my tennis at such a high intensity.

Last year I believe that my biggest improvement was in my transition game: the ability to quickly switch tactics depending on the game scenario. Whilst my highlight of 2016 was the Rwandan Open singles final, where I played against the African champion in my second home.
Finally, I was awarded the 2015-16 USPA Tennis Player of the Year title, which marked a wonderful close to the year and gratifying recognition of my accomplishments.


Given the progress that I made in such a short period in 2016, I cannot wait to see what I can achieve in 2017.

I have spent the start of 2017 training tirelessly on all aspects of my tennis game: physical (through early morning gym sessions, afternoon speed and agility court practice and a strict diet regime), mental (through constantly pushing myself to my limit), tactical (through point planning against numerous opponents at once) and technical (through afternoon court practice).

I believe I am in fantastic condition to compete at an even higher level this year and have consequently devised the 2017 tournament calendar below.

However, I will need reliable financial support to realise my potential in 2017, in particular I am looking for sponsors to cover my air-travel, accommodation, equipment and general tournament-based fees. If you can offer a sponsorship package, in return for growing media coverage from the top-ranked tennis player in East Africa, then I would love to hear from you.

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