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For four years now we have been teaching Extreme Sports and Circus Skills to children and young adults across the South West.

We are a not-for-profit organisation run by 30+ volunteers and four apprentices, teaching 45 children a week.

We need £5,000 to take this further by creating a skatepark and activity centre in Tavistock where Uskate can change the future of children and young adults across the South West.

This skatepark will offer a wide range of positive activities to ensure the growth of confidence, self-worth, and healthy lifestyles as well as helping the mental and physical development of children and young adults as they grow.

Our mission is to also create apprenticeship and employment for young adults most in need of the opportunity. This skatepark will be a training ground for us. Help us create hundreds of trained Extreme Sports and Circus coaches while also training the generations of new shredders.

The great news is that we now have a location and the owners are very excited about us signing a long-term lease and have lowered the rent to help support us creating this amazing venue. Uskate is receiving support from West Devon Borough council and Sport England but having the support of local people can ensure we get the park open as quickly as possible.

We need £4,000 for the first 3 months rent then every extra penny will be used to build ramps, for the skatepark space and a chill out area. We ask you to show your support by giving us a small donation and we are very grateful for all the support we already have received. If you would like to get involved in the planning and completion of the park and activity centre please get in touch.

Help us keep as many children and young adults focused on positive activities, while learning that with hard work and commitment anyone can learn anything.

Let’s change lives through Extreme Sports and Circus Skills!
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This year has been a great year for Uskate and the young people we work with, we have over 30 volunteers but from September we employed our first Apprentice. The young person we have taken on was a committed 17-year-old that had been volunteering for Uskate weekly (minimum of 15 hours a week). He was not in education or employment and we are very happy with how much we can see this opportunity is helping him with his own personal development. Uskate is focused on being able to open up more apprenticeship placements for many young adults that are out of education and employment to ensure we are really helping the future development of as many people possible.


We loved having the chance of joining Magical Youth Children Areas at Beautiful Days and because our team did so well we have been booked to join Magical Youth as the circus tent for the whole of festival session in 2015.


Uskate supported and worked closely with the development of Hatherleigh outdoor skatepark in 2012. This was an amazing pleasure and it has opened up Uskate doing regular workshops within Hatherleigh.


Uskate volunteers supported the rebuild of unit skatepark and worked very hard to help take down and fully rebuild an entire skatepark. This ensured the park had no out-going expenses for the whole rebuild. All of our volunteers who helped have been awarded free entry within the park. This is what Uskate is really about, working together to make things happen and supporting anything that helps with building a better future for young people.


We became the committee for Saltmill skatepark in Saltash and support local organisation Groundworks. Uskate created a Saltmill community fun-day in August that first took place in 2014 and we will ensure the growth of this event every year. All money made will go towards the park and future development.

+Thank Yous and Updates

We have a Trapeze artist joining Uskate

The new premises will see a whole range of activities but we can now confirm there will be a trapeze artist teaching regular sessions: Aerial Classes - static trapeze, silks, corde lisse 1. All-comers. Adults and children. Under 8s to be accompanied by parent/guardian. 2. Advanced - all ages. 3. Adult. Performance Classes - games and exercises to increase confidence and technique and to turn skills into performances. 1. Performance Fun for 8-11 year olds. 2. Perform It! (or similar title) for 11-16 year olds. 3. Performance class for adults. Also: Performances, maybe termly, that would include people from all classes. she experience of producing/directing large-scale shows. Practice sessions - for adults (need to be a certain competence on aerial), probably daytime. Supervised (but supervisor can be practicing too). This is very exciting as it really will ensure our new premises will be creating amazing skilled people through a positive training environment.

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