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My name is Hannah Bird and I’m a 16-year-old Waterski racer, racing for Team GB.

Waterski racing is like powerboat racing, but with a skier on the back! I’m currently British Junior Water Ski Racing Champion and European Water Ski Racing Cup Champion, with my team #Speedbird One.

#Speedbird One are a very experienced team. Driver Ash Murray, is a very proactive and determined driver, observer Steve Bird is third best in the world and has coached and observed for some of the best skiers in the sport. 

For 2016’s series, I am skiing with team #Speedbird One and we are hoping to repeat last season’s great success by winning the British Waterski Championships in Ladies and becoming European & European Cup Champions in Formula 2 Ladies Waterski Racing.

I am currently working with Team Bath and the British Waterski National Coach, who are concentrating on me – they see me as a very hopeful skier for the country. 

We have a very popular FaceBook page, Instagram feed and other Web accounts, which have taken off with great publicity.

I also run a fitness and training blog on the Instagram page, which has proven very popular as I reveal some of my top tips and tricks.

Where you come in

The point of my page here is for supporters to get involved to help me fulfil my goal of getting to the World Water Ski Racing Championships in two years.

I am very much hoping to be selected to represent Team GB in the World Waterski Racing Championships 2017 in Seattle.

Selection races to qualify for the Championships happen next year in July. I would love to think that you would consider being a part of our 2016/17 campaign and in return, I would be more than happy to put your logo(s) on our boat, our new team uniform and link you to all our social networking sites.

With the prospects of Sky TV & BBC being involved, focusing on the British Team, I see this as a great opportunity for both of us. I also get featured quite a lot on Pulse Radio as they like our local team.

If you would like to find out more about me and my team, please contact me and see our Facebook & Instagram pages.



I look forward to hearing from.

Hannah Bird

#Speedbird One


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British Under 16 Champion 2014

European Under 16 Cup Champion 2014

South West Ladies Formula 1 Champion 2014

British Junior Champion 2015

European Junior Cup Champion 2015

South West Mens Open 2nd

+The Project FAQ's

What is waterski racing?

High adrenaline, high action Ski Racing tests the limits of endurance at high speed. At speeds of up to 200km per hour these high performance boats and high performance skiers stretch skiing to the extreme.

How did you get into it?

My dad was an amazing skier when he was my age so of course I was going to follow the gene line!

Why do you like waterskiing so much?

Waterskiing is such a big part of my life, it gives me so many different opportunities to succeed and It is pure adrenaline sport as well.

Isn't the water cold in the UK?

The water is absolutely freezing when we start training in February to April. The water then starts to warm up after June and is quite warm in about October but still isn't as hot as I would like it!

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