Wheelchair Racing at the 2017 World Championships

Carly Tait

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Hey thanks for reading my page!

In the Summer I achieved my dream of becoming a Paralympian. I finished 6th in the T34 wheelchair racing 100m event and it truly was one of the best nights of my life.

My aim had always been ‘to be on the start line at Rio’, from the moment I watched from the stands as a spectator at London 2012, I knew that I was going to get there. And I did it, after all the blood, sweat, tears and of course, support – I finally did it!

To even have a chance of getting to Rio I had to drastically change my life, I lost weight, stopped smoking, quit partying; I made some of the biggest sacrifices of my life. I even took a career break to dedicate all of my time to training.

After Rio I took a little break from training and during this time I decided to aim bigger. I got to Rio but I know I have more in me, I know I can medal and so my goal of becoming a medallist at the London 2017 World Championships began.

I got myself a new coach, (the World Record Holder’s coach nonetheless), I have a new training program, new team mates and many new blisters, this is just the start of it…

And this is where you guys might be able to help…

Racing is an expensive sport! My training costs are approximately £200 a week, this includes costs for:

– Travel, accommodation and food to Loughborough to train with my coach each week (I live in sunny Manchester)

– Personal trainer costs (£20 pw)

– Sports massage costs (£35pw)

– Facility costs (track pass @ £10 a session)

On top of the weekly costs I also have to pay for equipment including spare tyres (£40+) and new gloves every quarter (£150), These are absolute essentials and do not include things such as training apparel, supplements, medical supplies, food.

I also have the opportunity to do a bit of warm weather training next year which has huge performance benefits and I would be training with some of the top athletes in the world (and a gold medallist), the cost for this is roughly £1,000 and it’s something I really think will make a difference.

Finally, not only do I have the ongoing training costs to think about, but I also have competition costs to bear in mind.

Most of my races are down south in Aylesbury, Coventry, Bedford. All of which mean I have to pay for petrol, hotels, competition entries, food etc. It adds up so quickly and without the generosity of supporters, I will not be able to train and compete to the best of my ability and further sacrifices will have to be made which will take me away from my goal.

I truly believe I have what it takes to medal, so I’m asking for any small donation towards my costs to help me with my training, to help keep me in the best shape and to ultimately help me qualify for the Worlds and MEDAL!

Any donation big or small will make a MASSIVE difference.

Thank you so much xxx




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