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My name is Patrick – but everyone calls me Paddy. I’m 22 and I play wheelchair rugby.


ever since i started playing rugby when i was 16 i have always dreamed getting to a Paralympics or intact getting in to the Great Britain team. but over the several years I’ve been playing i haven’t got there yet. like I’m close in fact really close. I’ve been to multiple GB trails for the development team and narrowly missing out, there are selection trails in January that I’m hoping to be invited too. however over the years I’ve been buying equipment for rugby like tyres, gloves, tape etc  all of these things add up for a student its pretty hard to pay for these things. fortunately   i received  a new chair from GBWR about  two years ago which I’m very grateful for  and has improved my game a lot


thats why i created this page to try and gather together some extra funds to help me cover the costs of my chair and if it ever needs welding etc and to help me get one step closer to my dream of playing for GB.


please email me at if you feel you can provide additional support.
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