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Hello and thank you for taking time to look at our hockey funding campaign.

The Windsor Knights were founded in 2013. Initially started as an adults recreational Ice Hockey team based in Slough, we have always taken pride and the responsibility in encouraging new adults to take up the sport and have provided experienced coaching and support.

However, we are now excited to be expanding our project beyond just Ice Hockey. We have created 3 new clubs within the Windsor Knights:

1st – Windsor Knights Junior Inline Hockey Club (WKJIHC)

As we mentioned above, there is nothing more satisfying that getting someone hooked on the exciting sport of hockey. The Windsor Knights Junior Inline Hockey Club (WKJIHC) aims to promote the sport of inline hockey through our 3 core values: Fun, Equality and Fair Play. WKJIHC provides coaching for anyone between the ages of 6-16. Anyone over the age of 16 will have the opportunity to play up at a senior level.


2nd – Windsor Knights Inline Hockey Club

Anything the kids can do the adults can do better – it just takes longer to recover!

The Adult Inline Club is aimed at Adults of all levels and abilities, it provides a progression pathway for children graduating from the Junior side.  We are one of the only clubs in the UK to run both an Adult Inline and Ice hockey team, allowing players to switch between the two sports with ease.


3rd – Windsor Knights Ball Hockey Club

That’s all well and good you say, but ‘I can’t skate’. Don’t worry we have you covered too. The Windsor Knights Ball Hockey Club is available to over 16’s. What is ball hockey? Ball hockey, (or street hockey, road hockey, DEK hockey) is played with rules based around Ice Hockey. The major difference being NO ICE!

It’s played in trainers in sports halls and is a fantastic sport for existing hockey players wishing to further develop their stick skills. It’s also great for those that have always wanted to play hockey but have worried about the skating aspect.  Finally it’s a great workout and far more exciting than going to the gym!

Ball Hockey also has significantly lower costs due to the amount of padding and equipment required. Making it perfect for beginners.


So What Are We Asking For?

Hockey funding from official sources is limited – and unfortunately it is an expensive sport; an average child would have something like this to spend on equipment to start out:

  • Helmet £80
  • Chest Protection: £40
  • Elbow Pads £30
  • Shorts / Trousers £40
  • Shin Guards £30
  • Skates £100
  • Stick: £30
  • Jerseys and Socks £50
  • Enjoyment of playing hockey: PRICELESS

Similar costs apply to adults wanting to start the game. This can often put a lot of people off giving the sport a go.

Hockey is a fantastic sport and something that the majority of people get hooked on very quickly. Not many people know, but Ice Hockey alone is the largest supported indoor sport in the UK. Some professional teams regularly attract crowds of over 5000 people a week!

What we are looking for is hockey funding to purchase club loan kit, to enable the next Wayne Gretzky to come down and give hockey a go, make new friends and keep fit at the same time.

All the while being looked after by a club with core values of making both children and adults fitter, healthier and all around happier.

In return for your donation to our hockey funding campaign, we have a range of packages available, so whether its £5 or £5000 you can spare, we will make sure we thank you for helping us in our goals.

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Launch of the Windsor Knights Ball Hockey Club

On Monday 8th August 2016 we successfully launched our first ball hockey session at East Berkshire College. More information can be found on our website but it was fantastic to get both experienced hockey players and novices that had always wanted to play involved.

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