World Powerlifting Championships Moldova

Linh Duy Nguyen and Hazeline Hu

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Linh Nguyen

I am a single mother of 2 : Cian – 8yrs old and Linh – 7yrs old.

I was once overweight and depressed.

In 2010 I decided that I had enough and didn’t want to be that type of person anymore  and started my quest to look better, get in shape and become healthy.


With this new lifestyle and passion for training I enrolled in college in 2012 to become a certified personal trainer.

In 2013, with encouragement of friends, I decided to put my new found strength to the test and enter a powerlifting meet. My first competition was the National Championships 2013. Surprisingly did well but wasn’t content on just doing well and set my sights on breaking the world squat record in the 55.5 weight class.

With hard work, dedication and great guidance of my coach, I  achieved it at the first time of asking at the World Championships in Glasgow in 2013.

Not only did I break a Drug Free World Record but I also won the 55.5kg female World title,  became Ireland’s number 1 ranked female lifter 2013 .

In 2014 I broke my own world record, National records and was recently selected to represent team Ireland at the 4 Nations in London.



Hazeline Hu

I have always had a love for sports.

I first started from a martial arts background. I train, teach and still am learning with the Krav Maga Global Ireland organisation in my local club for the last 6 years.

I work mainly with kids and teenagers, teaching them awareness and how to stay safe and protected.

To fund my training, I also work and help develop PaleoMan Foods; a company brand that sells and promote healthy eating. I do my hardest to bake lots of yummy cakes and not eat them ALL but to sell them to others who are trying to stay healthy.

I have two beautiful monsters Lauren (11) and Brandon (10)

Earlier this year I started strenght training to support my martial arts practice. I was very fortunate to meet my powerlifting coach who saw my potential and encouraged me to enter my  first meet at the National Single Lifts. With no expectations I did exceptionally well and won all 3 golds in my division and qualified for the World Single Lifts in Germany.

This is where my journey into powerlifting began. My coach encouraged me to enter the next competition; The National Full Power – IDFPA where I won my national title and got qualified for the Europeans Full Power in Belfast.

As much as I would love to enter both I cant due to unsufficient funds.

I was then selected to be part of the Irish Team, representing Ireland at the 4 Nations which was held in UK. Team Ireland came 3rd with great effort and I won Best Female Lifter of  the 4 Nations.

Representing Ireland for the Worlds Championship

Sharing the same passion for this sport, we want to give all our best to compete and be successful in the Worlds Championship. We know we have a chance to bring home the Titles but we need all the help we can get to fund it. We will be very proud to represent Ireland in the Drug Free International Arena

Breakdown of costs

The funds raised through this project would go straight to the following expenses

– Flights and accommodation €750 each

-Transfers, entry fee and food.



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Linh Duy Nguyen - Personal Bests and Achievements

Squat 120kg - Bench 57.5kg - Deadlift 126kg -Total 292.5kg

-IDFPA 55.5 Full Power National champion 2013

-WDFPA 55.5kg World champion 2013

-IDFPA 55.5kg National record total 2013

-WDFPA 55.5kg World/national squat record 2013

-IDFPA Number 1 Female lifter 2013

-WDFPA 55.5kg World/ national squat record 2014

-IDFPA 55.5kg National champion Full power 2014

-IDFPA 55.5kg National total record 2014

-IDFPA Female Squat Single Lift winner 2014

-Team Ireland 4 Nations 2014

Hazeline Hu - Personal Bests and Achievements

102.5kg Squat – 57.5kg Bench Press – 132.5kg Deadlift - Total – 292.5kgkg @49.5kg Bodyweight

2014 IDFPA National Single Lift Squat, Bench, Deadlift 50kg Open & Senior Winner

2014 IDFPA National Full Power 50kg Open Winner

2014 4 Nations Best Female lifter

Up Coming Event

NIPF - Northern Ireland Powerlifting Federation - Raw Power Championship ( 27th Sept)

WDFPF - Worlds Drug Free Powerlifting Federation Championship - Moldova 1st November

+The Project FAQ's

We cannot afford this try without the support of others. We both train very hard and sacrificed our time and effort in the sport and we are both fully committed on what we do.

As this is an amateur sport in Ireland we are not funded in any grants. This trip is in Eastern Europe and we need your help to allow us to go and represent Team Ireland and potentially win two World titles.

Any donation is most welcome and greatly appreciated to help us in getting a little closer to The World Championship in Moldova

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