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We will be launching our “Hang Tough Challenge” live on Facebook on Sunday 5th November 2017 at 11.30am to raise funds for our Youth Development Programme. We will be joined by some of Irelands famous fighters and a very special guest.

The Challenge –

Hold on to a chin up bar, goal post cross bar, monkey bar or a play ground swing bar or something of similar stability and with both hands holding the bar and your feet slightly off the ground see how long you can hang on for. This challenge can be done by one person at a time or a group of people.

 The Rules –

1. Both hands must be on the bar at all times and feet must not touch the ground. 

2. When either of your hands come of the bar or either of your feet (or foot) touch the ground you have then completed the challenge.

3. Record a video of the challenge (with your feet and hands visible at all times) and post it to your Facebook page tagging @crumlin boxing club and nominate two other people to take the challenge.

4. In order to go on to our official leaderboard and to be in with a chance of winning some of our fantastic prizes you must make a donation to our crowd funding website

 Your Donation –

Your Donation will provide us with funding so we can set up a new youth development programme for marginalised teenagers in the Dublin 12 area and purchase some desperately needed new equipment for our club.

Our aim is to offer an 8-week boxing and coaching programme over the summer months to teenagers in the Dublin 12 area who deserve a second chance in life. In addition to learning how to box and coach the teenagers will also be introduced to circuit training, strength and conditioning and sports nutrition.

However, the most important lessons they will learn are the life lessons of self-discipline, social interaction, responsibility, punctuality and self-respect.

Regardless of whether they pursue a career in boxing or not, this programme will assist their personal development which will open their minds as well as their opportunities in life which will benefit society as a whole.

By participating you have the chance to turn the lives around of vulnerable young boys and girls who were not blessed with the same opportunities in life that most of us take for granted.

Programme participants will be selected through co-operation with the local schools, direct referrals to the club and through requests, we receive to the campaign we will create on social media.

Please support us by donating whatever you can and also encourage your friends, family and work colleagues to also support this worthy cause.

Thank you

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