5 Tips To Help You Hit Your Fundraising Target

You’ve just started to fundraise and it feels like a lot stands between you and your target. That’s OK!

By following our step-by-step tips you can hit your fundraising target and ensure you raise the funds you require.

1) Storytelling

What NOT to do: “I am Mr. Smith, I am a boxer, I need £2,000 to go to my training camp in the Bahamas for two months”Brand-Storyteller

It’s so important to tell YOUR story. People want to know you, your purpose, your goals – tell them a story that will make them see how important it is that you raise funding. What would make you want to give somebody money?

Top Tip: Use great photos and video to bring your story to life and fully capture those who view your project

2) Choosing Compensation

It is better to ask for less now and surpassing your goal rather than asking for a lot and be far from achieving it.

equity-crowdfunding-The beauty of crowdfunding is that £1,000 may seem like a lot for one person to give, but £10 might not seem like so much to 100 people. Use that to your advantage.

Remember: The duration of your project is key. The first 30-45 days are the most productive. Thereafter, raising money gets more difficult.

3) The Big Launch 

The first days are crucial. Getting your project off on the right foot is often the difference between hitting your target and falling short.

 Posting your compelling story on social media should create a buzz around your fundraising. In addition, consider using the media available to you – contact the local press or blogs to announce the start of your campaign. This will give everyone understanding of what it is you’re trying to achieve.

Get people together and get people talking about your upcoming campaign and once it is launched, capitalise on the engagement and attention it is receiving.

4) Engaging Your Online Community

None of this will work without a solid online community. Think Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Email, all of these will be key to hitting your target.artikull3

Post consistent, quality content that will grab the attention of your followers. Those who contribute do so because they believe in what you’re doing. Keep them up to date with your progress and don’t let them lose faith in you.

Keep supporters updated by regularly posting your progress and reminding them of what you’re doing. Also, always remember to thank them and remind them how important they are in helping you hit your target and achieve your goals.

Your initial followers are key to growing your support, so treat them well – they will be the ones who get you to your target, never forget that!

5) The Aftermath

This last point will not help you during the campaign but it seems important to recall. Whether have reached your goal or not, thank all your contributors.

After all, they deserve it, they are your fans – keeping them as fans will stand to you in future.

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