8 Most Extreme Sports Known To Man

Creeking, Base Jumping, Fee Soloing!  One of the best things about sport is the adrenaline rush you get in the heat of competition, but nothing comes close to the high felt by athletes who get involved in the most extreme sports.

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So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare to feel your heart racing because these are the most extreme sports known to man!

Wingsuit Flying

most extreme sports

Wingsuit flyer and speed record holder Fraser Corsan

Basically, this is the closest thing you can get to replicating your favourite superhero. Wingsuit flying sees athletes jumping off a perch and gliding down to the ground while wearing winged suits.

The suits have an estimated glide ratio of 2.5 meters for every meter of descent, with the fastest ever flyer being clocked at 249 miles per hour. This is easily one of the most extreme sports on earth.

We analyse which are the Fittest Sports

BASE Jumping

04KJER0243 The most dangerous recreational sport in the world, BASE jumping as a sport averages one death for every 2,317 jumps. Jumpers leap from buildings, antennas, spans or bridges before parachutes are then deployed for landing.

It’s not dissimilar to skydiving, with the main difference being that athletes have a much shorter time of reacting in the event of parachute failure. Trouble with the parachute means death is almost certain.

In terms of difficulty these are the 10 toughest sports 

Volcano Surfing

This sport entails climbing up a volcano, then surfing down its side by sliding using plywood boards. The boards are reinforced by steel, metal or Formica.

It’s all fun and games until you feel the heat of the molten surface, face the prospect of falling on jagged rocks and realise that right behind you is a rumbling volcano. Think we’d sit this one out, thanks.

The 10 most dangerous sports and some of these are mainstream very popular sports! 


476804692_1280x720Also known as steep creeking, this sports sees the kayaker go down very steep, low-volume water.

Its rise in popularity is linked to the invention of more durable kayaks in the 1980’s, which withstood the extreme whitewater environments of the activity. This allowed the kayakers to plunge off high waterfalls, giving them an adrenaline rush like never before.

Creeking is not for the faint of heart and is most definitely one of the world’s most extreme sports.

Cave Diving

this sports may sound basic on the face of it, divers plunge into underwater caves and have a little swim around. But that is where the danger lies. In the event of equipment failure or the diver gets into trouble, the cave makes it hard to make a quick ascent to the surface for air.

If you fancy trying a sport that’s a bit easier than these!  Here are the 10 healthiest sports

Currents in underwater caves are also notoriously unpredictable. Visibility is also a problem because any wrong move will stir up sediments and cloud the view. You want the most extreme sports? Count in cave diving.

Free Soloing

21453362922_d96bd88452_bRock climbing in itself is already a difficult sport. Imagine removing all the safety ropes, harnesses and other equipment that can essentially save your life and you’re left with free soloing.

Climbers must support their entire weight using just their fingertips and toes while maintaining intense concentration as they try to scale the vertical rock face. One tiny mistake and that’s it. Game over.

The toughest footraces on earth

Ice Climbing

Ice climbing involves scaling formations of vertical ice, like frozen waterfalls and cliffs covered with ice. The old method used for the sport is step cutting, which entails chipping out ice with an ice pick to create your own foothold.

The aim is to speed up the climbing time and minimise the chance of getting numb because of the cold. Climbers must proceed with caution though because as we all know, ice melts and it doesn’t have the same consistency as rock.

The unpredictability of ice climbing alone makes it one of the world’s most extreme sports.


15554008495_f02c494966_bIn highlining, a wire is strung between two objects high up in the air,  but that is where the similarity between it and the circus ends. In highlining, there is no balancing pole, no net to catch you in case you fall, and the wire is not stabilized and taut.

Crossing a slack wire is infinitely more difficult than a tightly wound one, and combining that with the thought of the absence of a safety net, the danger level is increased exponentially.

The fastest sports in the world

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