F1 Betting Lines Offered By Online Sportsbooks In Canada

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Canadians love their sports! Be it ice hockey, basketball, curling, Formula 1 racing, biking events or anything else, they constantly yearn for more and more! And the same can also be said for the betting activity that all these sports attract in Canada. Talking specifically about the Formula 1 racing, Canada hosts an F1 Grand Prix event each year called F1 Grand Prix du Canada at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, Quebec. The race was last won by Lewis Hamilton on June 11, 2017. This event, as well as all F1 races in general, attracts a lot of betting action from Canada. Let’s throw some light on the F1 betting lines you may be offered for these F1 races.

But first things first!

Please note that you can find some of the best odds for these races at the reputed online sports books, each offering their own best selection of the betting lines, appealing to all levels of F1 bettors.

Now moving on to the betting lines, following are the main 3 categories you’ll be provided:

Drivers’ championship odds

This betting line enables you to bet on the driver you believe will be at the top of the driver standings, with the highest number of points, at the end of the Formula One season. You are free to place a bet at any point of time during the F1 calendar year, however, please know that the odds keep fluctuating as the season progresses.

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Constructors’ championship odds

Same as the odds for the drivers’ championship, you pick out one constructor/manufacturer who you believe will be at the top of the constructor standings, with the highest number of collective points (from both its drivers), at the end of the F1 season. As every team is allowed 2 drivers and 2 cars, you must pick one that’s superior on both the fronts.

Individual F1 race outright odds

Apart from placing a bet on the winner of the entire Formula One season, you can also punt on the winner of every race. The odds for each F1 race become available during the week/s leading up to the race day, and you can wait right up till the start of the race on Sunday to place your wagers. It’s best to place your bets after the qualifying session as by then you’ll have a fair idea about the race conditions and the winning chances of your selected driver.


Formula One is by far the number one motor racing competition in the entire world and it’s no surprise that it attracts a lot of betting activity from Canada. If you too are keen on placing bets on Formula One races, make sure that you go only with the reputed and safe betting platforms.


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