10 Highest Paid NBA Players of 2017

With over 400 million fans, basketball is the 9th most watched sport in the world.  We take a look at the 10 Highest Paid NBA Players of 2017.

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10. DeMar DeRozan – Toronto Raptors – $27.7 million


DeRozan plays shooting guard for the Raptors and he landed the second largest-deal in NBA history when it was signed in 2016. He currently has a 5 year contract worth a staggering $139 million.

9. James Harden – Houston Rockets – $28.3 million


Harden playes shooting guard for the Houston Rockets and he signed a 4 year deal worth $118 million. He currently has 2 seasons left on his contract befoer his 4 year new contract begins which will extend to $169 million. Not to shabby for throwing a ball around.

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T – 7. Russell Westbrook – Oklahoma City Thunder – $28.5 million


Westbrook is the point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder. His current contract is worth $85.6 millon, however he recently signed a new and improved deal believed to be worth $205 million and will begin next season. He will earn over $46 millon in his final year of the contract. Madness!

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T – 7. Mike Conley – Memphis Grizzlies – $28.5 million

Conley plays point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies and he landed a massive deal over  a 5 year contract worth $152 million. During the free angency period 2016, Conley’s contract was the richest in NBA history.

6. Kyle Lowry – Toronto Raptors – $28.7 million

Making the midway point on the Highest Paid NBA Players of 2017, Kyle Lowry plays for the Raptors as a point guard. He holds a 3 year deal worth $100 million, He can earn an extra $2 million match bonuses if he can manage to earn a place in the All-Star game, named in the All-NBA and All-Defense and have the Raptors win the championship. A tough ask but worth an extra couple of million dollars.

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5. Blake Griffin – LA Clippers – $29.5 million

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Griffin plays power forward for the LA Clippers. His 5 year contract is worth $171.2 millon and he is one of the highest paid NBA players of 2017.

4. Gordan Hayward – Boston Celtics – $29.7 million


Hayward playes small forward for the Celtics, he holds a 4 year contract that is worth $127.8 millon. Hayward will now team with Kyrie Irving as the Celtics try to make back to back Easter Conference Finals.

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3. Paul Millsap – Denver Nuggets – $30.8 million

Millsap currently plays for the Nuggets in the power foward position. In has  shorter contract than most worth $61 million over 2 years. A huge deal and the Nuggets are planning a major overhaul this season.

2. LeBron James – Cleveland Cavaliers – $33.3 million


What can we say about one of the greatest. He may deserve all the money he earns. His current contract is worth $99.9 million over 3 years. LeBron is in his 5th season for the Cavs and is cashing in big time over the last two years.

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1. Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors – $34.7 million

Curry plays point guard for Golden State and he landed himself the largest contract in NBA history worth $201 million over 5 years. He has replaced LeBron as the highest paid NBA players of 2017.

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