The Greatest MMA Knockouts Ever

At PledgeSports, we help athletes and teams from every sport known to man woman or child raise money and attract sponsorship through our sports crowdfunding platform.  We also have a very keen interest in sports trivia and the latest sport to get the best of is MMA!

Without further ado, here’s a rundown in no particular order of the The Greatest MMA Knockouts Ever.

1. Henderson vs. Bisping – UFC 100 – 2009

Henderson wins via KO/TKO, Punch

At the 3:20 mark of the second round, Henderson floored Bisping with one of the most brutal right hooks and one of the Greatest UFC Knockouts ever to be recorded on video.

Bisping crashed to the canvas, unconscious before he hit the mat, but Henderson wasn’t happy with the devastating punch as he also throw a massive forearm lunge to Bisping’s face. The was one of the most brutal and best finishes of 2009 in the UFC.

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2. Silva vs. Belfort – UFC  126 – 2011

Silva wins via KO/TKO, Head Kick/Punches

UFC 126 proved to be a classic and it came to a fitting end in the Main Event when Anderson “The Spider” Silva knocked out Vitor Belfort with a viciously timed front head kick in the first round to retain his Middleweight Championship. Silva showed once again that he is one of the most scintillating athletes to ever step inside the Octagon and hence why we think it is one the Greatest MMA Knockouts Ever.

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3. Barboza vs. Etim – UFC 142 – 2012

Barboza wins via KO/TKO, Wheel Kick

UFC 142 was tipped to be the one of the best cards in UFC history. Edson Barboza vs. Terry Etim was an electric bout where we witnessed one of the greatest KO’s. You will always remember where and when it happened, it was so memorable. Barboza whirled his body in a full 360-degrees and landed a heel straight onto Etim’s jaw. Terry froze and crashed to the mat. Nobody likes to be the victim of a brutal spinning wheel kick.


4. Jackson vs. Arona – Pride Critical Countdown – 2004

Jackson wins via KO/TKO, Slam

In June of 2004, Quinton Jackson took on the talented Ricardo Arona. Near the end of the first round, We witnessed the greatest slam in MMA history when Jackson threw Arona to the canvas and knocked him out cold and sufficiently escaping the triangle choke.

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5. Gonzaga vs. Filipovic – UFC 70 – 2007

Gonzaga wins via KO/TKO, Head Kick

When Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic entered the UFC in 2007, many felt it was only a matter of time before he challenged for the UFC Heavyweight Championship. However, the Brazilian heavyweight Gabriel Gonzaga sent his title hopes crashing to the ground with one of the greatest and most unexpected knockouts in MMA history.

6. Couture vs. Machida – UFC 129 – 2011

Machida wins via TKO/KO, Head Kick

Lyoto Machida delivered one of the Greatest UFC Knockouts of all-time and significantly burnished the martial arts credentials of his instructor Steven Seagal by blasting Randy Couture into retirement with a Karate Kid-style Crane Kick never before witnessed in high level MMA.

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7. Barry vs. Kongo

Kongo wins via KO/TKO, Head Kick

Check Kongo stunned everyone when he produced a knock out win vs. Pat Barry just seconds after appearing to be knocked out himself. It was truly remarkable that he managed to achieve such a fascinating KO and Joe Rogan described it to be the greatest comeback he has ever seen.

8. Griffin vs. Silva – UFC 101 – 2009

Silva wins via KO/TKO, Punch

It was “The Matrix” in the making, when UFC champ Anderson Silva yet again produced something extraordinary. His clinical head movement and quick reflexes were just too much for Griffin and he caught Griffin with a quick jab and KO’d Forrest and dropped him to the floor.

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9. Arlovski vs. Emelianenko – Affliction 2 – 2009

Emelianenko wins via TKO/KO, Punch

Long considered the best heavyweight fighter in MMA history, Fedor Emelianenko had been criticized in 2007 and 2008 for facing exhibition-caliber competition instead of the best in the heavyweight division. In January of 2009, that all changed, when Fedor faced former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei Arlovski for the WAMMA Heavyweight Championship, and flattened the Belarusian in the first round.

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10. Silva vs. Jackson II – Pride 28 – 2004

Silva wins via KO/TKO, Knee

The second fight between these fighters was almost identical to the first, only this time, it was even more brutal. The sequence opened with a crushing hook square to the face by Silva that torqued Jackson’s chin and neck off to one side. Seeing his opponent stunned, Silva latched a firm grasp on Jackson’s neck and unloaded one of the most brutal Thai clinch sequences ever witnessed on Jackson’s skull. In a moment that would live on prominently in highlight reels for years to come, Silva unloaded knees to the face of the staggering Jackson as the two moved across the length of the canvas and it only took one more knee before the fight was ended and Jackson lay face down, unconscious on the ropes.

Do you agree with our rundown of the greatest MMA Knockouts ever? If not let us know!

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