10 Best Sports For Losing Weight

At PledgeSports we like to practise what we preach so we thought we’d publish what we think are the best sports for weight loss.  Most of these sports are easy on the body and are accessible by most people.  Losing weight is reliant on everything from sleep patterns, diet and of course exercise.  We already covered the best exercises and foods to aid weight loss now here’s the best sports for losing weight!

Swimming –

1 Hour of Exercise – 880+ Calories Burned 

The many swimming strokes will help you get different types of aerobic exercise and will provide a new challenge to master. All you need is your local swimming pool and you can literally shred hundreds of calories with an hour of swimming. With it’s low impact and high results, you cannot deny swimming is a must in order for you to gain optimum results. A few laps of the pool a day can make a huge difference in your fitness levels. Try it now!

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Cross Country Skiing –

1 Hour of Exercise – 850+ Calories Burned

Cross Country Skiing fitness

This is one of the top Nordic sports out there that will help you clear your mind and relieve stress as you will be breathing the freshest air possible. Cross country skiing is one of the most demanding of all sports and recently topped our lists of Fittest and top Endurance sports.  It may not be accessible to everyone but for cardio and fat burning its definitely one of the best sports for losing weight and it’s also great fun!

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Kickboxing –

1 Hour of Exercise – 770+ Calories Burned 

Kickboxing Fitness

When you learn kickboxing, you will learn self-defence, you will increase your fitness levels and engage your entire body while doing so. It is a fantastic sport that will work your entire body.  Kickboxing focuses on your core, your arms and shoulders, your legs and glutes. It also helps you increase stamina and it is great cardio workout that boosts your cardiovascular health.  Here’s a guide to the different combat sports.

Basketball –

1 Hour of Exercise – 700+ Calories Burned 

Basketball fitness

Rio Oakley

A fantastic team sport that makes working out and losing weight that much easier. Basketball will help you burn fat, relax, strengthen up your cardiovascular system and build team spirit all at once. All you need is a ball and a hoop for maximum fun and maximum results.

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Running –

1 Hour of Exercise – 700+ Calories Burned 


Running is one of the easiest and best sports for losing weight appeals to many people around the world. As a sport, running requires a lot of hard training and discipline. If you feel like you need to lose some weight, all you need is some running shoes and comfortable clothing.  Running will strengthen your bodies muscles and increase your stamina. Weight will naturally fall off whilst burning all those calories.

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Ice Skating –

1 Hour of Exercise – 650+ Calories Burned 


What might seem surprising to some but ice skating is hugely demanding on the body. It builds leg muscles: Focusing on lower-body movement, ice skating offers great exercise for the leg muscles, building and toning them up over time.

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Cycling –

1 Hour of Exercise – 500+ Calories Burned 

Cycling fitness

Riding a bike is one of the best cardiovascular exercises out there. You can always throw in a competitive edge when you are out cycling like challenging yourself to get somewhere faster and beat a time you previously had. This will make your bike rides more exciting and you are also shredding the pounds. A study has proven the following benefits from cycling –

  • You’ll get to a place faster
  • Help you sleep more deeply
  • You’ll look younger
  • Cycling will boost your bowels
  • Cycling will increase your brain power
  • Lose weight by riding your bike

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Volleyball –

1 Hour of Exercise – 350+ Calories Burned 

Volleyball Fitness

The physical activities involved in playing volleyball will strengthen the upper body, arms and shoulders as well as the muscles of the thighs and lower legs. Playing volleyball also tones and strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Tennis –

1 Hour of Exercise – 400+ Calories Burned 

Tennis Fitness

Tennis can be played as a sport or as a recreational activity with friends and family. Either way, playing tennis is a good sport to maintain your health, fitness, strength and agility. It has been calculated that an hour-long game of singles tennis burns around 600 calories for men and 420 calories for women.

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1 Hour of Exercise – 900+ Calories Burned


Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and the national sport of South Korea.

According to, there are many benefits:

“A typical Taekwondo class involves dynamic punching and kicking drills, blocks, core-strengthening exercises and stretches. You’ll build stamina and strength through such active movements.”

It can also improve muscle tone and appearance and increase your overall flexibility. While performing these moves with an increased heart rate you will shred those pounds in no time.

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