The Benefits of Compression Clothing

Fitness and healthy living is forever growing in popularity across the globe. Everyone is getting more health conscious on the foods we are putting into our bodies but less and less people are worrying about what we actually put on our bodies. The fitness clothing world is now more important than ever because of the latest advancing technologies coming into play.

Staff here at PledgeSports keep very fit and take an interest in wearing the right gear.  More recently this has brought compression clothing into our focus.  So let’s run through what compression clothing is and what are the key benefits of wearing such clothing.

What is Compression Clothing?

compression clothing

Compression clothing is a type of fitness clothing that is worn super-tight to the skin and designed to increase blood flow and lymphatic flow to a specified limb. Compression wear is said to improve performance and shorten the recovery time between workouts. The tightness of the wearable garments on your body help reduce muscle fatigue, strain prevention, muscle soreness and of course add more comfort whilst performing at the best of your abilities.

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Benefits of Specific Garment Types

compression clothing

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Lower Leg – Calf length socks have become a standard accessory fitness trend on the race course from 5km to ultra-marathons. Post-exercise compression socks have been shown to improve recovery and counteract delayed-onset muscle soreness. The main is aim of the sock is too keep the muscle warm and preserve maximal power during endurance.

Upper Leg- The shorts worn by fitness enthusiasts help recovery and protection of the muscles in the upper leg. More common with cyclists as majority of the muscles being worked is the upper leg and glutes. They need optimal recovery time between races especially for those who race at long distance.

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Upper Body – Upper body compression apparel is most commonly worn by footballers and gym goes. Helping you get through those early morning sessions and keeping your arms nice and active. Bloody flow is at a premium whilst playing in the extreme cold hence why many footballers wear these compression tops during matches and in training.

Key Benefits

To wrap it up, the 5 major benefits of wearing compression are as follows –

  • Reduce Muscle Fatigue
  • Help Strain Prevention
  • Prevent Muscle Soreness
  • Better Muscle Oxygenation
  • Comfort

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compression clothing

Whether or not you doubted what compression clothing can do you and your body, we hope that you consider the major benefits wearing this type of garment. It cannot be denied that this wearable technology is becoming more popular amongst professional athletes and also the everyday fitness lover. They keep you looking skinny and warm on those cold morning, what’s not to love!

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