The Most Popular Sports in Singapore

If you are planning to visit Singapore and you are a lover of sports, then there is a lot in store for you. The country values sports and is known as the best in sports in the region. Their players in different sports are also some of the best not only in the country but also in the world.

So, let’s highlight some of the popular sports Singapore is known for. All people are allowed to join and watch at different sports centres as long as they have a ticket. So, check the updates from their different official and third-party websites for schedules and ticket buying.

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Just like in many other countries in the world, soccer is a popular sport in Singapore. It is also referred to as football, and the national teams in the country are very strong. Both the women’s and men’s national football teams are carefully selected and trained by experienced coaches. The government recognises the national teams, which are scheduled to play other countries on different occasions and tournaments. Regional football clubs are available and regularly play against each other.

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Baseball and Softball

Singapore Baseball and Softball Association is in charge of this sports activity. They have different teams categorized by gender and age groups. The national teams regularly play against other teams in Asia and the world at large.

Internally, baseball and softball are a common sport that is played over the weekend. The main reason is that the association registers many teams in schools, colleges and other organisations. They have a website that regularly updates the schedules and sells the tickets.

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Golf is popular in many countries, and Singapore is not an exception. It has some of the best private and public golf courses in the region. Whether you are looking for water features, trees or just an open golf course, you will fall in love with what Singapore has to offer. Even though the sport is not open to the public like other sports, you can register and play golf whether you are a local or a foreigner in Singapore. It is the best on the weekends, and you can participate with the family.


The list of popular sports activities in Singapore will not be complete without basketball. They have the best teams in the region both for women and men. The sport is thrilling as the players show their prowess in dribbling, twists and scoring within a short duration. Whether you want to participate or just watch a live basketball game, Singapore makes it easy. To watch, all you need is to follow the right channel as highlighted on their websites.

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In addition to the numerous teams at schools and institutions, Singapore has national volleyball teams for both men and women. According to reports from the official websites, the national teams usually play volleyball against numerous other teams in the region.

The above are the popular sports you can find while in Singapore. However, other sports like swimming, tennis, polo and many others are available. If you are a lover of sports, you probably will have many choices to pick from.

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