How to build your own golf simulator at home

Every golfer would like to spend more time at the golf course, but for one reason or another it is not always possible. Thankfully, however, it has never been easier to create your own golf simulator at home, see this blog post for more information. Golf simulators allow you to work on all of the different aspects of your game from the comfort of your own home. Here we take a look at how you can build a golf simulator in your property.

Choosing your budget

The first thing to note about building a home golf simulator is that you need to set a budget – and you need to be firm about it. Golf simulators do not need to be an extremely expensive project, but at the same time there is no real limit on the amount that you spend if you were interested in kicking it out with the most advanced technologies and the latest features. Setting a realistic budget helps to create the simulator you are looking for without breaking the bank.

The actual figure that you decide upon can vary drastically. A high-quality golf simulator with everything that you need could be built for well under £2,000 – but if you are only interested in state-of-the-art professional equipment the budget could stretch to ten times that price or more. Having a budget allows you to plan sensibly and factor in all of the costs.

Finding the space

Usually the biggest challenge in building a home golf simulator is finding the space to house the system. If you want to have a simulator that works as it is supposed to you then you will need a fairly large area to work with in order to set up a projector, swing the club and keep all of the equipment. For example, if you are building the space indoors then it is essential that the room has relatively high ceilings to allow for the safe swinging of a club.

Do not despair if you don’t think that you have the available space in your property to build your golf simulator as there are actually a huge range of options that could be suited to you. For example, you may have a garage that doesn’t actually get used for storing cars that could be converted into an ideal space. Alternatively, you could cheaply build an enclosure in your garden.

Selecting software and launch monitor

The quality of your golf simulator is, in the main, based on the software that you use when you have it all set up. There are actually a huge range of options available in terms of the software packages and launch monitor systems that you can buy. For example, one of the best quality golf simulators available is Optishot, which is actually generally quite affordable.

This could be a fantastic option if you are looking for a fairly entry-level golf simulator that offers excellent quality on a tighter budget. However, you can get greater accuracy and a wider variety of tracking features on a software package like SkyTrak. Unlike Optishot, which tracks the movement of the club, SkyTrak actually follows the path of the ball ensuring that the feedback that you are provided with is as accurate as possible.

The right projector for you

Another key aspect of the quality of your golf simulator comes down to the projector that you use. As with the software and launch monitors, there are many options available to suit a wide range of budgets, so this will effectively come down to your own personal preference on how much you are willing to invest in the simulator.

Do not, however, assume that the most expensive option is the best. It is worth putting research into the best options available and speaking with experts in golf simulators to get an idea of which might be right for you.

Other features

Don’t forget that there are also some less obvious things that you need to put money into, in order to get the best possible golf simulator. This includes things like a projector screen as well as a net to ensure that golf balls can’t damage anything. If you don’t want to use a net you could considering using foam goal balls which are much softer.


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