The Benefits of Running

We have a big focus on health and fitness on PledgeSports at the moment and when it comes to getting active, running is the go to sport for many fitness newbies out there.

Running is possibly the most accessible sport in the world, all you need is a pair of runners and you’re off and if you you live near a beach then you don’t even need them! Running is a sport any one without serious physical impairment of injury can do, if requires no lessons or classes, has no weather restrictions and can be done anywhere and any time.

The 8 different running disciplines

Let’s look at the benefits of running as an exercise

Aerobic Exercise

Both running and jogging are great and real easy forms of aerobic exercise. Aerobic means ‘with oxygen’ – the term ‘aerobic exercise’ means any physical activity that produces energy by combining oxygen with blood glucose or body fat.  Aerobic exercises are a must in any fitness plan

Choosing the right running shoe for different surfaces

Physical Benefits

Running is a weight bearing exercise so it will help build and maintain healthy bones. Along with a healthy diet it’s a great exercise for weightloss. While it’s not as good as many sports or gym for muscles, running does work your them.

Running starts with the legs — toning the calves, shins, hamstrings and quads. Traverse up hilly terrain and your glutes will reap the rewards. But running doesn’t just firm the lower body. But running doesn’t just firm the lower body. A straight, supported spine is a must for any runner and in order to stay upright while running or jogging you will constantly rely on your abdominal / core muscles.

Mental Benefits

Running isn’t just good for your body – it works wonders for your mental and emotional health, too. There’s lot’s of research out there which shows that exercise not only helps combat stress, it can also help enhance your mood. Studies have also proven that exercise can play a deeply therapeutic role in addressing psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, stress and sleeping problems.

The mental benefits of exercising or playing sport


So along with it’s ease, low or now cost and accessibility it’s clear to see that running has amazing benefits as an exercise. But there are a few things to watch out for – Shin splints can be a common runners problem. To avoid make sure you have the right running shoes and remember different running surfaces have different affects on the body. Here’s a guide to how the 7 different running surfaces can affect the body.

If you want to mix your running up a bit, try running up hill or on trails. Trail running has lot’s of benefits over road running. Doing sprints is another great way to make running more physical.

Trail Running

The best running workouts

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