Most followed football clubs on social media

2021 has seen some big moves in the social media followings of the all the big football clubs. While the big 3 – Real Madrid, Man U and Barcelona and bringing then in by the millions every quarter, some of the other big European clubs are making big moves.  Big moves in social media following usually happen for 2 reasons.

1.  The club attracts a major star – Juventus are a good example of this.  When they signed Ronaldo they saw a big boost in social media following, and with his recent move back to Man U, we expect the club to get a big boost over the next year.  Messi’s move to PSG will result in the same.

2.  Success – Whether it’s at national level or Champions League level, title wins will always boost the club.

As per above, the biggest movers on the list in 2020/21 were PSG and Juventus.  Below are the 10 most followed football clubs in the world, taking into account Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  The total is listed beside each name:

10.  Arsenal – 78.3 m

Arsenal are no longer a UEFA Champions League club which has had an impact on revenues and following.  They finished sixth in the Premier League last year, it’s match day revenues keep Arsenal in the top ten richest football clubs.  But then badly need a return to the Champions League to boost revenues.

Twitter – 18.4 million

Facebook – 39 million

Instagram – 20.9 million

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most followed football clubs

9. Manchester City – 81.3m

Twitter – 11.2 million

Facebook – 41.5 million

Instagram – 28.6 million

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8. Bayern Munich – 90.6m

The Bundesliga giant most successful club in German football history, having won a record 29 national titles and 19 national cups.   75,354 fans on average attend Bayern home matches, and so it make sense that they are Germany’s most followed club on social media.

Twitter – 5.8 million

Facebook – 54.5 million

Instagram – 30.3 million

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7. Liverpool – 94.5m

This English side have had a phenomenal 2 years, Champions Leagues glory in 2019 and a second place in their domestic Premier League has given Liverpool a 17% revenue boost and a massive boost in social media following, particularly on Instagram where they have grown by 12 million followers in the last year.  We expect further growth this year as they are so far in front in the Premier League , they can’t loose.  Or can they?!

Twitter – 18.9 million

Facebook – 40.8 million

Instagram – 34.8 million

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6. Chelsea – 101.5m

Chelsea’s famous billionaire Russian owner Roman Abramovich, has work on his hands if he wants titles.  Premier League team Chelsea finished third in the English division and had a very poor run in the  UEFA Champions League last year.  Their following is well behind the top three teams

Twitter – 19 million

Facebook – 51 million

Instagram – 31.5 million

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5. Juventus – 101.7 m

The Italian giants are one of few movers on this list, they leapfrogged Arsenal, Bayern and Chelsea over the past 2 years, most likely to do with the signing of Ronaldo from Real Madrid in 2019.  With Ronaldo gone back to the Premier League, Juventus will require more Serie A wins as well as it’s current star players to stay at number 5.

Twitter – 9.6 million

Facebook – 40.2 million

Instagram – 51.9 million

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4. Paris Saint-German – 114.4m

France’s richest football club  has hugely benefitted from bringing Neymar to the club, and have doubled down with the signing of Messi.  The club have the biggest increase year on year in social media following.

Twitter – 11.1 m 

Facebook – 48.6 million

Instagram – 54.7 million

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3. Manchester United – 159.1m

The reds have been a massive global team with a matching following for years but the two Spanish giants have moved well ahead in terms of revenue, titles and social media following.  Man U’s recent signing of Ronaldo with give them a good boost on this list.

Twitter – 29.2 million

Facebook – 76.1 million

Instagram – 53.8 million

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2. Barcelona – 249.8m

The Catalan club may have lost their star name – Messi but they have some of the biggest names in football which see Barcelona well-supported around the planet, with nearly 250 million million social media followers.

Twitter – 39.4 million

Facebook – 106.4 million

Instagram – 104 million

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1. Real Madrid – 259.4m

While Real Madrid hasn’t won much silver wear and lost it’s biggest star (Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed athlete on the planet).  The Spanish giants fell behind their Spanish rival Barcelona on the football club rich list Real Madrid this year, but they hold their title as the most followed football club in the world.

Based on UEFA Champions League wins, Real are also one of the 10 best football clubs in Europe.

Twitter – 39.4 million

Facebook – 112 million

Instagram – 108 million

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