Top 5 Tips for Baseball Beginners

Baseball is a fantastic sport, and an important part of American history and culture; it is the nation’s pastime. With our top five tips for baseball beginners, anyone of any age can start playing the greatest sport known to man!

Get the Basics Right

The most important thing you are going to need to do is to learn the fundamentals of the game. You may be eager to step on the mound and pitch a fastball, or hit a home run out of the park from the plate, but you won’t get very far in a game unless you learn the fundamentals.

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You need to know how the game is scored, and how the innings work. Some basic knowledge of baseball strategies will help too. With this knowledge, you will have the power and confidence you need to hit that home run ball or pitch out an opposing team’s star player. 

You will need some basic equipment too – portable pitching mounds like these are an ideal way to practice at home, and it will help you to get your pitches perfect for the big game.

Practice Batting

Many people make the mistake of trying to hit the ball too hard when batting. Starting off by swinging too hard can set you up for all kinds of bad batting habits.

You want to keep your eye on the ball and the pitcher’s movements, but setting yourself up for a powerful swing will often make you squint a little and blur your vision. Seeing the ball leave a pitcher’s hand and following its trajectory with your eyes to hit it with your bat is an important batting fundamental, even if you don’t hit it hard. Practice swinging lightly when you begin batting and get accurate first. You can build up power later.

Practice Fielding

When fielding, you face a similar problem to pitching. You’ll want to throw the ball fast and far to try and run out the opposing team, but too much power too soon, and your throw won’t be accurate.

Wherever you play in the field you need to be able to throw accurately to get the ball where it needs to be. Practicing with slow throws at first and working on your accuracy is the only way to become a better fielder. 

Watch and Learn From TeamMates and Opponents

You can learn a lot about the game just by watching. Television coverage doesn’t always give you the best views of a game, or let you decide who or what to watch.

Watching your team mate’s techniques is a great way to learn how to develop your own skills, and you can discuss their methods with them. By watching skilled opponents, you can develop your knowledge of strategy. You should always try and learn from defeat. 

If you get the opportunity to go to a professional ball game after taking up baseball as a hobby, you should definitely do it. Watching the pros up close can be inspiring as well as informative, and you can spend a game watching specific players to pick up hints and tricks that you won’t see on TV.

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Make Sure You’re Having Fun!

The biggest tip we can give anyone playing baseball is to have fun. Not every player can be the best or hit home runs out of the park, but everyone can enjoy the game and have fun as a team.

The camaraderie and ‘high-jinx’ of being in any sports team often provide a lot of fun, and you can make some great and lasting friendships as well as develop new skills and stay healthy and active.

With these five tips, all you need is a little equipment and to find yourself a team to join. There are hundreds of amateur leagues for all ages across the country, get out there and hit some home runs!

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