How to Use Resistance Bands to Stay Fit While Traveling

Many people across the world enjoy the act of traveling, but it can be difficult to workout and stay fit whilst doing so.

While bodyweight workouts are useful when traveling, you cannot replicate the benefits of a full, intensive workout.

This is where resistance bands come in. Bands provide similar resistance to what weights would do, with the ability to adjust the level of resistance as well as add extra tension through your own body weight. 

Not only that, but they are both light and portable, meaning you can pack them in a gym bag or in the boot of your car.

We’re going to take a closer look at how you can utilize resistance bands whilst traveling, and suitable exercises you could try.

What resistance bands should I be using?

We’ll be focusing on the two main types of resistance bands in this article, which are loop bands and tube bands.

The loop band extends out depending on your motion and loops at both ends, hence the name. Tube bands have adjustable grips and handles, making them perfect for wall exercises, or even pull-ups.

Figure-8 bands, meanwhile, are effective when performing cross-arm exercises.

Can I use resistance bands every day?

You can. As they engage core muscles, they are usable for almost any exercise and are a great substitute for physical weights. In addition, a study showed that regular resistance band usage has a big impact on balance and mobility.

They can also be used by anyone, whether you are a fitness veteran or a beginner, and anywhere meaning that for any travelers, even those who go on a family holiday, can reap the benefits.

The most common types of resistance band exercises

Upper body exercises

One of the most easy-to-complete arm exercises is the pull-apart motion. For this exercise, grab either side of your resistance band, and get into a starting position where you stand with your feet roughly shoulder-width apart. 

Then, push your arms forward and move them outwards, passing the shoulder region. Then, carefully lower the amount of tension on the body and move slowly into your starting position.

You can also perform a single-arm row in a tight environment. To do this, start in a seated position, extend your legs until your knees are straight, and wrap the resistance band around either your left or right foot. 

Using the arm that is parallel, slowly grip onto the band and bend your elbow forward beyond your side to complete one rep.

To exercise your upper back, you can utilize the horizontal extension using the tube bands. Wrap the resistance band around the base of your foot and bend forward, with your other leg slightly behind the other. 

Begin with your arms by your side whilst gripping the band, and slowly extend your arms outwards, keeping your back straight throughout the entire movement, before returning to a starting position.

Lower body exercises

Squats are a particularly common form of resistance-based exercise. They target your back, your quadriceps, and hamstrings.

Adding a resistance band into the equation makes the muscles work even harder, due to the increased tension, and the exercise can be done anywhere.

They are beneficial in enabling you to work out on the go, as they can be done within a small environment.

The main type of squat we are going to look at is the goblet squat. To perform this exercise, wrap your resistance band under your knees and pull it tightly towards you using the palms of your hands. 

Whilst simultaneously tightening your core, slowly bend your knees and lower yourself, with your thighs parallel to the ground. The movement should apply resistance to the band. Slowly raise yourself back up into a starting position.

Another exercise that is ideal to complete whilst traveling is the wall sit. As the name suggests, this involves positioning your back against a wall and ending in a sitting position, with your knees at 90-degree angles.

Before you begin, place the resistance band around your thighs and keep applying pressure throughout the initial motion.

Considering traveling with resistance bands

With a wide range of exercises available to be completed using resistance bands – some of which we have detailed above – it seems like a no-brainer to put them in your next travel bag! Whether you are in a hotel room, on a long-haul flight, or even preparing for a competitive event, resistance bands are the perfect companion to help you keep fit throughout.

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