The best sports to gain muscle


Whether you are an athlete or a beginner in the sporting world, you have heard how relevant gaining muscle mass is. Muscle mass is the secret to ensure optimal long-term health. The skeletal muscle is an organ whose principal function is to facilitate movement, joint stability, and structural protection. So let’s see which sports you can play to improve your muscle mass! Spoiler: Weight lifting exercises are not the only way to gain muscle.


Of course, when you think about gain muscle you think immediately of going to the gym. There, we have a lot of equipment that allows us to build different parts of our body. Leg press machines, bench press, dumbbells, pulleys, and a long list of machines depending on which part of your body you want to work on. But if you are not a fan of gyms or weight lifting, there are many more ways to build your muscles. Don´t panic!

The best sports for fitness


Climbing combines cardio and strength-training, so it is a great sport for a total-body workout. When bouldering you will experience muscle gain and, in the meantime, you can have fun. It is the perfect sport to start with! Every muscle in your body is required while climbing up, but especially your arms, legs, and core will notice that you are working on gain muscle. It is not about being the strongest person in the world, but to have strength in your whole body!

The fittest sport


As we all know, the density of water is higher than air. What does it have to do to build muscle? Well, it means that you will get more resistance when constantly pushing and pulling the water than air, so you will build muscle capacity and endurance thanks to working against the resistance from the water over and over.

It will help you to tone up all your body, especially your arms, legs, and core. Besides, it is perfect for those with joint problems or injuries that make weight lifting exercises difficult.

 The best sports to play for weight loss


The muscular effects of boxing are incredible. By punching a bag or doing pad work with someone you use so many muscles at the same time. It is great to tone up your arms, shoulders, back, gain resistance, endurance, and it will provide you a lot of core strength and control. A great thing about this sport is that it is also a cardio workout. Building muscle while losing fat sounds like a dream, isn’t it? With boxing, you can get that!


If you think about gymnasts the first thing that comes into your mind is they have extremely defined muscles and low body fat levels. And this is because of their daily workout. They use their own body as a weight holding up in difficult positions, which help them to gain strength, balance, coordination, and tone up their whole body.

As we said before, you will not be building big muscles, but working on a healthy and incredibly toned body.

The best sports for endurance


Have you ever thought about why surfers are always in good shape? If you have ever tried surfing you know that the next day you have muscle soreness in muscles that you did not even notice were there… Joking apart, surfing is a perfect sport for toning muscle because standing up on the surfboard requires you to use most of your muscles. By paddling you are also working on your upper body. It is difficult, though, but if you love water sports and want to tone up and get in shape you should definitely try it.

As you have checked on this post, to improve your muscular tone goes beyond having big muscles. By playing the sports we talked about you will help to tone up your body and gain muscle, but it will also provide you energy, endurance, strength and will improve your overall health.

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