5 Sports You Didn’t Know You Can Bet on

Sports betting has been a popular pass-time in India for decades. But recently, sports betting has seen a massive surge in popularity, and this is due to the inception of online sports betting sites which allow players to place bets anywhere and anytime.

Now that sports betting sites are available, the betting options are no longer limited to just local or national cricket games or the biggest European football games – you can bet on pretty much any sport from around the world!

And although most betting enthusiasts still bet on football and cricket especially, there are more and more players who are also diversifying into other more obscure sports.

If you are interested in betting on something new and exciting, then here are our suggestions of 5 unknown sports you (probably) didn’t know you could bet on!

Sumo Wrestling Betting

First up we have sumo wrestling, which is a very popular sport in Japan and other parts of East Asia. 

Sumo wrestling is fun to bet on because the games are intense, fun to watch, and often full of surprises.

There are a number of high-profile sumo wrestling tournaments throughout the year that you can bet on, but the number of sumo wrestling betting sites is limited.

If you wanna bet on sumo wrestling, we suggest you join Betwinner, where you will find the biggest sumo tournaments.

Esports Betting

Esports is a new generation of sports that revolve around competitive video gaming. Many old-timers may claim that esports aren’t real sports, however, esports players would beg to differ. They compete against other teams in international tournaments, and often there are millions of dollars in prize money to be won. 

Furthermore, esports tournaments are rapidly becoming some of the most watched sports tournaments in the entire world. 

Obviously this means that there are also a lot of players who are interested in betting on esports. Fortunately, esports betting is relatively easy to find. They’ve got a great selection of esports betting options on Betway.

Netball Betting

Netball is a unique sport that is mostly played by women, but spectators who enjoy watching the sport are often both make and female.

Netball is mostly played in commonwealth nations, including right here in India, where the sport is seeing an increase in followers in recent years. 

On a global level, the sport is played by more than 20 million people around the world in 80 different countries.

Naturally this means that betting on Netball has also become quite common, and recently, some online betting sites have started to offer betting on this sport. 

Betting sites usually offer bets on popular Netball tournaments like the World Netball Championship, Commonwealth Games, World Netball Series etc.

You can bet on Netball using a betting site like Melbet.

Darts Betting

Darts is considered a casual game that is often played at the bar with the participants all being more or less intoxicated. But did you know that darts is also played on a professional level and has huge tournaments with thousands of followers?

It’s true. Actually, darts is played in a number of professional leagues all over the world with a huge fan following. Many online betting sites have, therefore, started offering betting odds on dart competitions. 

In darts betting, you can bet on a match winner, along with many other betting options like highest checkout, total legs, first set of darts, correct score, and much more.

You can bet on darts using betting sites like Bet365 in India.

The most popular sports to bet on

Kabaddi Betting

Lastly we have kabaddi. Kabaddi is a traditional Indian sport that is played between two teams of 7 players each. 

The competing teams play on opposite sides of a field or court, with their main goal being crossing into the other’s side and tagging as many players as possible. 

You may have already heard of kabaddi, but you probably didn’t know that you can bet on this Indian game using international betting sites.

If you’re interested in betting on kabaddi, or any of these other little-known sports, you can bet on it by using the 1xBet App which is available in India.

1xBet is a unique online betting site that allows punters to bet on an incredibly large and diverse selection of sports in India. The betting site offers more than 70 sports to bet on!

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