Best MLB Players of the 20th Century: Top 6

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Best MLB Players in the 20th Century

In the over hundred years of the MLB appearing on our screens, we have seen many talented baseball players come and go, and we expect to see some new talents in the future.

For this article, we will be looking at the top 6 baseball players who played in the MLB in the 20th century.

1. Babe Ruth

The history of baseball cannot be complete without including the exceptional Babe Ruth. When he started playing baseball, the record for most home runs was held by Ned Williamson at 27.

Within one year, Babe Ruth had beaten the record and set a new one at 29, and at the end of his career, he had established a staggering record of 60 home runs in a season.

He also won the American League twelve times in the course of his career. Ruth also has an outstanding pitcher award and has remained a notable name in baseball many years after he retired. He is considered one of the most skillful MLB players in history.

2. Willie Mays

Willie Mays is one of the most well-rounded players the MLB has seen. He won the Gold Glove awards twelve times consecutively from 1957 to 1958. An unbelievable feat.

He had several iconic moments in his career, but one that stands out is his play in the world series games that helped his team win the game and the championship.

 His team didn’t win so many games, but he still shone like a star and held the all-star title twenty times, and was the MVP two times in 1957 and 1965.

3. Barry Bonds

Barry had excellent mentorship in his godfather, Willie Mays, and his father, Billy Bonds. He capitalized on this extraordinary privilege to become the third most influential player of the 20th century. In 2001, he hit 71 home runs and 73 later on.

He instilled fear in pitchers scheduled to play against him because his eyes and hand coordination were unparalleled. Barry Bonds was said to have consumed steroids to help him become a better player, but he was already setting records before his steroid debacle.

It is hard to say what part steroids play in a baseball player’s game, and most of Barry’s achievements can be attributed to pure skill.

4. Ted Williams

Ted was a fantastic baseball player, and he has been nicknamed the “the greatest pure hitter who ever lived.”

He left baseball to serve in the military and fought in the Korean war. Because of this, he missed almost five seasons serving in the military, yet he still has better records than some players who played full time.

He was named in the all-star team six times and won many significant titles. His nineteen-year career was filled with many wins and nicknames. Despite his achievements, he did not like being in the public eye and always refused interviews.  

5. Hank Aaron

Hank was a power hitter. He hit 755 home runs in his time. He held the record for most home runs for thirty-three years and now ranks second in the list of MLB players with the most home runs. He was nicknamed “Hammering Hank” and had a remarkable career filled with wins and enviable records.

Hank Aaron was selected as an all-star for twenty-one years consecutively. He played baseball for twenty seasons, and even after retirement, he was still relevant in the baseball scene for a long time, and his name will not be forgotten in MLB history.

 6. Walter Johnson 

Johnson spent his entire career as a pitcher and was very good at it. He had one hundred and ten full game shutouts, which is the most anyone has done. It is a record that remains unbroken till today.

In 1913, he got a 0.78 WHIP. The average WHIP is 1.00, and Johnson hitting 0.78 made him exceptional.

He played for twenty-one years and still hit some of the fastest fastballs the game has ever seen, boasting a speed of 134 feet per second.

Johnson was a golden player who led his team to several victories.

Final Notes

Other outstanding baseball players have set records and broken some of the records mentioned above. However, the players mentioned in this list are considered the top 6 most influential players of the MLB in the twentieth century. Other notable names include Ty Cobb, Stan Musial, and Jackie Robinson.

Recently names like Vladimir Guerrero, Juan Soto, and Trea Turner are becoming popular and doing great things in the MLB. You might want to keep an eye on their exploits.

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