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How to Place Bets on Sport: From First Deposit to Cashout

Cheering for your favourite team is one thing, but it goes to another level with the opportunity to win real money. The main thing is to choose a reliable bookmaker with fair payouts. And this is where the problems begin: the choice requires time and effort. It’s no secret that unscrupulous operators are trying to cheat.

Therefore, we have made a step-by-step guide to finding a website and covered all the main issues from registration to cashout. Get ready to dive into the world of betting and try your luck.

Understanding Sports Betting Basics

Let’s start with the basics – indispensable terms. A bet is a money a player gives to a bookmaker for a particular outcome in a sporting event. Coefficients are numbers that indicate the probability of a specific outcome. They are used to calculate possible winnings. Bookmakers usually offer the following types of bets: 

  • Single. A bet on a single outcome in a single event. For example, a specific team will win or draw. 
  • Express bets. A combined bet on several outcomes of different matches. However, there is a catch here – all predictions must pay out. 
  • System. Several express bets where you can win a part of the prize even in case of a bad outcome.
  • Handicap. A predetermined advantage or disadvantage for one of the teams or participants.  

The most popular sport, as expected, is soccer. Bettors can predict the team’s victory, goal difference, number of corner kicks, etc. Next are basketball, tennis, golf, boxing, racing, and even eSports. 

Setting Up Your Betting Account

First and foremost, choose a reliable bookmaker with a license. The permit can be local and international, for example, from Great Britain, Malta, or Curacao commissions. You’ll find the information about the license’s availability and relevance in the bookmaker’s Terms and Conditions. You can also contact the regulators themselves and find out directly. Do not forget to check out the reviews of other users – it won’t hurt. 

Registration usually requires a few clicks and entering your name, email, or phone number. Be careful to enter the correct data and avoid technical problems in the future. The next step when you open your account is verification. You upload photos of your documents and wait for the administration to check them. It protects the site from minors and fraudsters. 

But your safety also depends on you. Set a strong, unique password and do not share it with anyone. Also, use secure internet connections, especially when entering sensitive information such as bank card details. If your operator offers it, activate two-step authentication. 

Making Your First Deposit

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make a deposit. All popular methods are available on betting sites – cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrencies. Each method guarantees security, but transfers, for example, take longer. If you want speed, you should use wallets. 

New users will enjoy welcome prizes for deposits. To receive them, you must deposit money with a particular promotional code, which you can find on the official website of the bookmaker. How does it work? When we talk about welcome deposit bonuses, the most popular ones are 100% deposit promotions that do not have a huge list of restrictions and tricky bonus terms. For example, the bonus is 100%, and you deposit $10. Then, you will receive another $10 on top after meeting the conditions. Be careful, as promos are valid for a time after the gift expires. 

Betting Strategies and Tips

Certain strategies will increase your chances of success, so: 

  1. Consider value bets. Focus on deals with a higher probability of winning than the odds indicate. Analyse the market and look for undervalued opportunities.
  2. Manage your bankroll. Set reasonable limits with the size of your bankroll. As a rule, it is not recommended to bet more than 1-5% of your budget on one match.
  3. Be responsible in your betting. Always stick to the money or time limits. Also, periodically analyse the statistics in your account and work on your mistakes. 
  4. Understand the risks. No one guarantees winnings, so treat betting as entertainment, not a way to make money. Also, do not use money you cannot afford to spend. 
  5. Stay calm. Don’t make bets under the influence of emotions, whatever they may be. You need a cold mind. 

It will all make the experience more enjoyable; the main thing is having a little control over yourself. 

Cashing Out Your Winnings

Suppose your team has won, and the money has been deposited into your account. How do you withdraw it? The easiest way is to use the same method as for cash-out. Then, the data is filled in automatically, and you get the money as soon as possible. Although not as instantly as with deposits – sometimes you have to wait up to several days, but some providers can complete it within 1 hour.

If you win money with bonuses, you must first fulfil the conditions. Some bookmakers set wagering requirements – the amount of money that must be wagered before you can withdraw your winnings. Also, withdrawals are possible only after verification, which we mentioned above. 

Now to the limits. All legal operators set limits to keep the situation under control and minimise the risks of gambling addiction. Some systems have higher limits, so you should choose them for high roller style. 


Now you know how to get started betting on sport and can support your favourites more interestingly.  We have covered all the issues, from registration to receiving cash, so let’s get down to the fun part. The main thing is to choose the right bookmaker!