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Our Mission

marcus-willis-wimbledon-2016humbert   We provide a sports funding and commercial sports sponsorship platform for serious sports people, teams, clubs or events and brands aiming to raise money. Being aware of the financial struggle most athletes go through, we decided to do something about it. Most athletes trying to be the best at what they do have one constant worry – money. Competing effectively internationally requires a lot of sports funding, which is mainly provided by family and friends, with shrinking availability from many sports governing bodies. Through sports crowdfunding we can help our athletes to become the best they can be, making their countries proud and allowing you to join their journeys and share their dreams. – Founder & CEO, Richard Pearson

Who are PledgeSports

We are that global crowdfunding and sponsorship platform for sport you may have heard about! Spreading across 40 countries around the world (and counting), we’ve helped men, women, kids, teams, clubs, and even the odd OAP raise money in every sport known to man (and there are some pretty crazy sports out there!) Outside of humans, we haved help sports brands, movies and even dogs raise money.

Here’s a list of who can crowdfund on PledgeSports

Through our multi-award winning platform, people can get online, set up a crowdfunding campaign really simply and then reach out to the masses for support, while at the same time growing their fan base and profile.

Check out just a few examples of successful sports crowdfunding 

We bring athletes, sports fans, and commercial sponsors together online and will help any sports-related project including:

  • Athletes 
  • Teams
  • Clubs
  • Events
  • Films /Documentaries
  • Sports Brands

Blog In addition to crowdfunding, our state-of-the-art blog covers a whole range of different sports and topics. It is read by tens of thousands of sports fans all over the world weekly and is now available for sports brands and services to advertise on.

Here’s a link to our award-winning blog


For Project Starters:

Rather than fundraise for sports by traditional methods, why not go online and reach a massive audience! It’s simple; create your crowdfunding campaign and then let everyone know about it.  We will help you build your funding project through videos, photos and social media.  This will give individuals and organisations a chance to get to know who you are as an athlete. It’s a great way to connect with your fans and supporters and take them on the journey with you.  You will generate the funds you need to do what you do best. By using PledgeSports, you will also enhance your profile and increase your fanbase. Start your project today.

For Project Supporters:

By supporting your chosen athlete, team or club, you are having a direct impact on their careers and helping them achieve their dreams. YOU can be a part of their journey and share in their success. To show their appreciation and gratitude for your sponsorship, you will receive a reward for your contribution. This can be anything from a personalised thank you to a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Why not get involved and select an athlete to find out more.

For Commercial Sponsors:

PledgeSports can offer brands the opportunity to get sponsor a professional athlete, team or club and contribute to their flourishing careers. Sports sponsorship is a great way to show support for growing local talent. It will also enable your organisation to reach a broader audience and enhance its public profile by being attached to a successful competitor, often with international potential.

  • Brand alignment
  • Low-hassle sports sponsorship with direct access to athletes
  • High-impact, low-cost publicity

We can tailor sports sponsorship packages to suit you, just get in touch and both PledgeSports and the athletes will make sure you get the publicity you deserve for your support. Email

Richard Pearson

Founder & CEO

Hi, I’m Richard, and I’m the founder of PledgeSports.

As well as having a passion for sport, wild animals and anything extreme, I love business and all types of sport and am incessantly backing the underdog!  This, coupled with my diverse background in finance and marketing, ensured PledgeSports was born.

I wanted to create something that would bring a balance to sports funding. Currently all sports funding and sports sponsorship money goes straight to the top of the food chain. This makes it extremely hard for up-and-coming stars to progress their careers. Through PledgeSports, these athletes, teams and clubs, who don’t get access to other funds for sports, have a platform to fundraise on and a new business model that is built on the power of community and drives success by the sum of its parts.

Sports played:  Tennis, squash, tag rugby, golf, mountain running, cycling, gym and a bit of chess if that counts!

Come help us make dreams come true.

I’m on Twitter @Richardpearsonx

Shonagh Hurley

Product Manager

Hi, I’m Shonagh and I’ve been with PledgeSports from the beginning, running around after Richie, picking up his ideas and putting them into presentations, wire frames, posters, and press releases; generally just trying to keep up with him. I’ve come from a mixed background of Computer Science, Music Promotion and a Creative Agency working with the world’s leading brands, meanwhile always harvesting a passion for User Experience and Product Management. PledgeSports is by far the most exciting thing I’ve worked on, except for that time at Glastonbury, which I won’t go into. If you want to know more, I’m on @shonaghhurley.


Gareth Reynolds

Digital Director

Hi, I’m Gareth, the media hack at the forefront of digital operations with PledgeSports. My education crosses between business and journalism (an undergraduate in the former and masters in the latter). While you can be forgiven for thinking I may have a way with words, it’s the digital environment where my greatest interest lies. I’m fortunate to be part of the first generation to grow up surrounded by technology and social media. I am delighted to apply my understanding to Richard’s innovation and business acumen. I was always active and involved in a range of teams growing up. As a result, there are few things I value more than the thrill of sport. Its live, competitive nature appeals to our most basic emotions and fuels ambition and drive at every age and any level. Competitiveness doesn’t confine itself to any given pitch, arena or track. With PledgeSports, we raise the competitive bar by providing a platform for you to propel your sporting ambition and fulfil your goals. I look forward to working with you and giving you a competitive edge. Contact me through Twitter @ImGReynolds

Marlène Burgod Derrier

European Marketing

Hi, I’m Marlène. It all started in France, in Aix-les Bains in the Alps, the place where I come from. I moved to Lyon for my marketing and management studies in a business school and the desire to travel and visit Ireland took hold of me.

I had the chance to meet Richard and his team at the Web Summit in Dublin and here we go; I’m at the command centre of PledgeSports European Marketing.

Being very sensitive to the crowdfunding concept and the world of sport, I found my piece of paradise in PledgeSports.

As the company’s French and Spanish speaker, it’s my job to build a link between PledgeSports and the European continent.

When I’m not working for other athletes I love to ski (of course, I am from the Alps!), run and go shopping – maybe my favourite sport.


Advisory Board

Chris O’Donoghue: Sports Marketing & Sponsorship

Chris O'Donoghue

Hi, I’m Chris, I have been working in the sports marketing and sponsorship world for over 15 years which makes me a very old man now.  I focus on finding sports sponsorship and sports marketing programmes for brands and then activating and leveraging their investments.

My sport of choice is tennis and I am a keen club player, but I have also spent a lot of my business career working in the sport, first for IMG and then for the WTA Tour (Women’s Tennis Association) where I looked after their sponsorship affairs.

I am hugely excited to be involved in PledgeSports as I feel it is and will revolutionise the way sports governing bodies, athletes and events view their commercial programme ultimately enhancing the sports product for fans.


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