How It Works

  1. Set Up Your Sports Crowdfunding Project

    You're interesting! Tell your story; write about you, what you do and why you need to raise money. Tell your story through pictures, video and text. Compel people to contribute to your Sports Crowdfunding Project, then set a sports funding target and a campaign completion date.

    Copy and paste this real simple youtube video with some instructions:

  2. Select Rewards For Supporters

    A reward is something you can offer supporters of your Sports Crowdfunding Project in return for their contribution. Be clever and think of something unique.

    You have a talent that other people admire, use that to give back to your supporters. Set up a special training session, a demonstration, a meet and greet, even just a day out with one of your most generous backers. We've had handmade rope bracelets, commemorative photos, lunch-dates and even homemade pies offered!

    If you need more inspiration check out the rewards on current projects. But whatever you do, don't offer something you can't deliver!

  3. Launch Your Sports Crowdfunding Campaign

    It's imperative that you start you campaign right. Ask your family and close friends for support first. Then spread the word through social media, email and every other means you can think of. For most projects, support will come from the people you already know.

    And don't forget to thank people: do it on social media, do it in person, do it everywhere, all the time.

  4. Promote, Promote, Promote

    Get your friends to share your Sports Crowdfunding Campaign on social media. Never underestimate the power of the share button. Contact newspapers, radio stations, bloggers and websites. You want to reach as many people as possible and we will help!

    Keep your supporters updated throughout the campaign. The goal is to get people as excited as you are about your project - to make them feel like they will be taking part in something special.

  5. Finishing Up

    Thank all your backers for their support. Collect your funds and fulfil your rewards, then go out there and make the most of the funds you've raised.
    And from Jan 2016, your campaign payment link will remain open for anybody who wants to continue to support you : )

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