Crowdfunding Successes

Below are some recent crowdfunding successes, where sports people have raised significant funds and generated unprecedented support for their goals.

This has made a massive difference to their careers and some have even gone on to secure commercial sponsors.  Thank you for making these Sports Crowdfunding Successes happen.

Al Aire Films

  "We started a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo, which didn’t have much success."
"After some research, we found the crowdfunding page; perfect for us as it’s all about sport and personal athletes achievements. But still, it was just a dream."
"After a while and with great support from the page and Karen’s personal media contacts, we achieved more than 300% and raised over €6000." "We are amazed how people support other people’s dreams and we are very thankful for all the supporters that made this project possible" You can watch "Para-Riders" at this link - Follow Al Aire Films on Facebook as they continue to produce fantastic projects: @alaireproductions  

Chris Gregory and Jake Sheaf, beach volleyball team

Follow Chris and Jake's beach volleyball career all the way to the Rio 2016 Olympics @GBRBeachVolleyBall

Sophie Rooney, Ultra Runner

14202586_1687140061610443_231444290501251578_n“Pledgesports helped enormously - it is a great way of being able to generate funds without feeling like you are pestering people for support. It was so easy to set up, it gave me a platform to share my story/cause, and it is a great way of offering people something back for their support".

“Without a PledgeSports page I would not have generated the funds I needed for the trip, You've helped me to see that no dream is too big."

“You may not realise but your enthusiasm really spurred me on and I'm sure it does to others too. I think the whole concept of your business is incredible" Follow Sophie Rooney as she works towards bigger and better projects in the future: @THEsophierooney

Emma Cahill, para-equestrian

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.06.36"The support you receive as an athlete from Pledge Sports is pretty unbelievable. I dreamt up a profile and left it unfinished, not quite believing there would be much interest.

"Within 24 hours I had been contacted with advice and encouragement to just go for it. The team have great press contacts and sent out a press release on my behalf, which went down really well.

"Looking back, I can't quite believe all of the things that Pledge Sports made possible for me. Yes, getting to 100% was amazing, but there's more to it than that.

"Pledge Sports got the ball rolling and got my story out there in a way that will continue long after the funding has been spent.

Pledge Sports are a dedicated and knowledgeable team and I've definitely called them once or twice to pick their brains about things outside of the campaign. They want to help you so if you're willing to put the work in, you've come to the right place."

Follow Emma Cahill's para-equestrian career: @Cahill_E. Watch Emma Cahill's Tedx Talk: Impossible Is Temporary

Nicola Slater, tennis player

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 10.12.15"It was an incredible boost to see how many people support me and believe in me. It does get lonely and, you know there are people who believe in you, but to see just how many was an indescribable feeling. Even just the shares on social media and the comments they would post.

"It is important to surround yourself with positivity and that is exactly what PledgeSports and the team are. It is an unbelievable platform for athletes to spread the word about funding.

Follow Nicola Slater's tennis career: @NikSlater

James Cluskey, tennis player

James Cluskey Tennis Player"Since joining PledgeSports I have grown my profile, gotten a lot of publicity and can now afford to travel to more tournaments which will really help my ranking and hopefully help me make it to Wimbledon.

"I also received some commercial sponsorship which is great for any athlete! This makes complete sense for any athlete if you ask me."

Follow James Cluskey's tennis career: @JamesCluskey

Kevin Thornton, triathlete

Kevin Thornton Triathlete"As part of the first group of athletes with Pledge Sports when it launched in February 2014, I got huge input from the guys at Pledge Sports.

"The support and interest shown in not only my campaign but the campaign of my fellow athletes was fantastic.

"They helped to raise my profile and with it, help me achieve my fundraising target for the year, which allows me to be focused solely on my training and racing for the season ahead."

Follow Kevin Thornton's triathlon career: @kttriathlete

Emma Deary, triathlete

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 10.12.15

"I am completely overwhelmed by the support I have received from friends, family, colleagues, and companies I work with. I managed to raise 125% of my target!

"Raising this money means that I can remain focused on the run up to the World Championships in Chicago and have a really strong winter training. It has also set me up well for the costs of racing at the 2016 European Championships in Lisbon.

Follow Emma Deary's triathlon career: @EmmaDeary

Paul Monteiro (Coach), Czech Republic Junior Touch Cubs

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 16.09.24"I just wanted to say a big thanks to you and PledgeSports for the facility you have to get us to Ireland. The Tournament was fantastic, we beat Scotland J and stamped our mark on the tournament as the new kids being able to play."

"We smashed our target and that enabled 18 fantastic kids an opportunity to go to Ireland (some never flown before). It really was about making hopes and dreams reality."

Follow the team's journey on Facebook: @CzechRepublicTouch

Lucy Hatton, hurdler

"It's been incredible! Thank you so much everyone!Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 12.36.10 p.m.

"Because of this pledge I've had the opportunity to do so much; I've gone to school, done meet and greets, and spoken to loads of amazing people!

"And the guys at PledgeSports have been so supportive and very helpful with me! It's been amazing!

Follow Lucy Hatton's hurdling career: @LucyHattonXxx

Kim Murray, skeleton racer

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 11.27.55 a.m."PledgeSports's team were a fantastic support to me, throughout the time I was crowdfunding.

"They always shared advice and answered questions promptly and were in general super helpful.

"I loved using PledgeSports as a platform for crowdfunding.

"They shared my story and page on a regular basis, no doubt helping me to achieve well in excess of my target."

Follow Kim Murray's Winter Olympics career: @KimMurray88

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