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Hello ! My name is Ingrid Cleveland and I’m a 24 year old from San Antonio, Texas dedicated to breaking all barriers being a semi-pro football player.

I’m a 5ft wideout receiver , sometimes play in a slot position, corner back on defense and left/right gunner on kick off.

Although I wish I could be paid for playing the sport I’ve grown to love , I have to work full time at my regular job to maintain bills, football player fees and of course being a mother I have another little miniature me to take care of. It gets very hard at times to where I can’t come out of pocket and it limits me to be able to contribute to play with my football sisters that I work hard with during off season to prepare before the actual season starts.

I’ve had to take a year off from football back in 2017-2018 because I couldn’t afford to play and take care of things at home.

I’m proud of the growth i’ve made as an athlete from when I first started until now, I’m very well known for my swiftness, agility and dedication I have for football. I only create positive energy and keep my sisters around me motivated and level minded so that we don’t fall apart when things don’t go our way how we planned.

The leagues and teams I’ve played for or currently are :

-IWFA [Icon Women’s Football Association] – Austin Legends [currently]

-WFA Houston Energy [Women’s Football Alliance][ regular season starting very soon in Feb]

-Non Profit Organization AFE Team USA [American Football Events][100 best of the best hand picked women from all over the world to play in an All American Bowl game]

-2020/2021 WFLA [Women’s Football League Association] (newly launched professional league that is promising to start paying their players to play, currently scouting and recruiting players for the 2021 season) I will be playing for the New York Stars team owned by JaRule [famous rapper]

Although I’m truly blessed to have been selected for this life changing league that’s creating a better future for us grid iron women, I still have to get through this year on my own to make it through my regular season of football.

I can’t imagine sitting out the rest of this year and only still training so that I don’t lose what i’ve already gained from playing actively.

Now here is where I will propose my urgent need of support from anyone that’s willing to be a part of my successful journey.

The Houston Energy is the home team I will be playing for very soon for the WFA league which is the same team I started with in 2016. Although I had moved back to San Antonio, I still have a bond and foundation with the team in Houston that welcomed me with open arms and opportunity. They saw a lot of potential in me! I could easily play for a San Antonio team, but I’m all about TEAM and not Individuality and I express again that Houston Energy is is family.

What is the Houston Energy?

Houston Energy was founded in 2000. Houston Energy organization is designed to give women the opportunity to play and compete against other women in the classic American sport of football.

Houston Energy became apart of the Women’s Professional Football League (WPFL) from 2000-2008. 2009 Season we welcomed Independent Women’s Football League (IWFL) along with over 50 other teams nationwide. There are more than 1,600 women playing in the sport. Houston Energy is currently in the WFA Family.

We are based out of Pearland, Texas. The Houston Energy play all home games at Galena Park High School located at 1000 Keene St, Galena Park,TX 77547. We average about 1,000 fans per game.

What is the purpose?

The mission of Houston Energy is to create and promote a full contact women’s football league focused on creating a positive, safe, and fun environment for the women who play football and a fun experience for the families coming out to support them .We are here to make an impact in our community and to be the voice for the little girls who dream to one day play football.

Why should you sponsor me as an athlete for this team?

Houston Energy Football Team holds many titles. 4 Championships (WPFL 2000, 2001, 2002) (IWFL: 2018) and 10 Division titles. With an average attendance of 1,000 fans per home game, your support as an individual or even company’s image and message will reach an audience of thousands both locally and regionally. Additionally, you can be affiliated with an organization that is active in the Houston Community through the Houston Energy Foundation. More of the reason to support the growing popularity of the WFA and me as an athlete for the Houston Energy Team!

What is the sponsorship options?

Here are the current options you may choose from if you’d like to consider the package deals.. If you’d just like to donate , that is acceptable too and I will make sure to shout you out to thank you for your donation!

Personally , I’m only trying to reach $900 to make it through the season for uniforms, equipment, paying refs, lights for the field we use for practice, traveling and hotel costs.

 1 Set of Houston Energy Season Tickets

 1 PA Announcement per Home Game
 1 Set of Houston Energy Season Tickets

 2 PA Announcement per Home Game
 1 Set of Houston Energy Season Tickets

$400 =
 Business Card Color Ad in Program
 3 PA Announcements per Home Game
 1 Set of Houston Energy Season Tickets
 1 Houston Energy T-Shirt

$600 =
 Business Card Color Ad in Program
 4 PA Announcements per Home Game
 2 Sets of Houston Energy Season Tickets
 1 Houston Energy T-Shirt

$800 =
 1⁄2 Page Color Ad in Program
 5 PA Announcements per Home Game
 2 Sets of Houston Energy Season Tickets
 2 Houston Energy T-Shirt and 1 Hat

I will be overwhelmed with joy if I can reach my goal with the help of the community that supports my dream in playing football.

If you have any questions , please reach out to my coach Brian Wiggins @ (281)-779-9198 or Email

Thank You !



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AFE Team USA All American Bowl National Team Champs

In the All American Bowl the American Team is always the team to win , but we gave them a run for their money. From the locker room of silence while they celebrated victory already, we all looked at each other and with the one big sound from the clicks of all of our helmets we locked into our focus and won the game 7-6. Yes , it was a nail biter! Our defense held us down the most and we still got the job done.

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